Legacy Stand Their Ground

A few weeks ago, the Chronicle reported on the decline in membership in the well-respected Legacy league. This league, as we reported, was once one of the rising stars in the realm and despite their recent losses, they have once again proven that they still have much fight left in them.
Speculation on Legacy’s future was raised by a number of the most prominent leagues in the realm. Their two beacons were put in jeopardy given their declining membership and it was only a matter of time before Legacy's enemies noticed this fact as well.
The wait was not long. Legion Latina, an aggressive up-and-coming league, were the first to take action. They mobilized their armies and struck out towards the Southern marches, an area they are all too familiar with. 
The target? Legacy's southernmost beacon, beacon #148. Legacy, being forewarned, was able to withdraw the majority of their defenders and consolidate them into their main seat of power, beacon #116.
The result was an easy victory for Legion Latina. Their forces strode into the relatively undefended stronghold and quickly planted their flag in the ground. Thinking the next target would be just as easy, they moved onto Legacy's remaining beacon, hoping to have similar results.

Legion Latina Takes Legacy Beacon 148

This would not be the case. The remaining members of Legacy, although diminished, were still a force to be reckoned with. Their defenders rallied to the fortified defenses and repelled the attackers, winning the day and vowing to go on the offensive, righting the wrongs against them.
Vengeance came swiftly: key members of Legacy’s roster lashed out, winning a series of quick victories against Legion Latina, as a series of back and forth battles ensued.

Legacy Raids Legion Latina

Legacy Raids Legion Latina 2

Legion Latina Fail Legacy

Legacy Raids Legion Latina 3

The above reports are but a sample of the exchange of fire between both leagues. The fighting was intense, with the last image showing the Marshal of Legacy attacking and sieging a vast number of Legion Latina players.
But Legacy was not done. With the new wave of beacons that surfaced across the lands, many leagues claimed seats of power as their own, one of which was Legion Latina.
Not standing for this, Legacy prepared a revenge strike, quicking mustering their troops and setting out to topple the newly taken Latina beacon. The results are shared below:

Legacy Takes Legion Beacon

 Legacy Takes Legion Latina Beacon

Unable to get enough defenders to their new stronghold quickly enough, Legacy easily crushed the opposition, overthrowing and casting down the Legion.
Not intending to hold the newly conquered beacon, Legacy withdrew their forces and headed back to their homelands, leaving their defeated enemies behind.
Whether or not this feud will continue on is yet to be seen. Has Legacy's revenge been fulfilled or are the Legion Latina already preparing their counterattack, hoping to finish what they started?
The answers to these questions are yet unknown to the realm and the Chronicle, but one thing is certain: Legacy may be down, but they are far from out. Their fight goes on.

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