Plethora of Beacons Arise from the Land

Grab your sword, grab your shield, a new wave of beacons has risen from the lands and the race is on for their ownership!

In the East, West, North and South two solid lines of beacons have appeared. Never before has the land seen so many arise at once. With them came Balur and his dark minions, securly defending and taunting the great citizens of this noble land. 

For a short time, differences were put aside as great heroes did battle with Balur and attempted to expel him once again from our lands. The result was an overwhelming success, a multitude of leagues partook in the action, some great, some small, but all doing their part.

In the West, The Knights Templar, Werewolves, Knights of Camelot, Demonheart and the Firetouched were just some of the leagues that were seen springing into action. These forces promptly defeated Balur, sending his minions back into the darkness.

New Beacons Drop West FT Wolves DemonHeart

Meanwhile, in the North East, Destiny, The Illuminati, DTC and The Westfront charged into battle, claiming the newly risen beacons as their own and thus greatly expanding their influence in Stormfall.

New Beacons NorthEast Illuminati DTC Westfront Desinty 

In the North, the Guardian of Avalon engaged Balur in the most significant manner, but they were not alone. The German Raiders, Bilikisner and Exodus leagues all did their part, carving out a chunk of land as their own and expelling Balurs dark presence from these strongholds.

New Beacons North Guardians Germanraiders Exodus

Finally, in the East we saw the noble King of Kings ride out to battle, knowing that for their lands to once again be secure, then Balur must be defeated. Joining them in battle was the Lights Brigade who did their part and joined in on the action.

New Beacons East Light Brigade KoK

The images seen above, are just a sample of those who rose up to the challenge and defend our lands once again, against the evil one we know as Balur. 

Yet, now a new challenge has arisen. Who will ultimately lay control to these much coveted seats of power?

As we have seen many times before, it is only a matter of time before war breaks out and great lords all over the land attempt to assert their dominance and claim what they believe to be "theirs".

Already countless battles are being fought, a sample of two such battles, one which was successful and one which ended in failure are presented below.

New Beacons Royal Knights Fail Beacon

Anarchy Takes Beacon 272 New Beacons

Similar battles have been and will be fought for weeks to come as the dust settles and powerful leagues do battle to expand their influence, riches and their right to more Dark Essence, the source of power that noble heroes and powerful leaders desire so deeply and will do anything to gain.

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