Battlegrounds: How to recover quickly and properly after a BG voyage

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You played Battlegrounds. You snagged some payouts. Now what? The time has come to recover and prepare for the next session, right? But how do you do this properly and most effectively? Perhaps training some random Units and sending them to BGs praying that something cool comes out of it is not what you want anymore. Allow me to show you how to get the most out of training new Units in order for you to become a better BG player. 

Mental preparation

First off, it’s normal for you to feel empty and almost naked after BG-ing. Did we receive some Rewards after the Tournament as well as payouts from BGs? Indeed we did! But before we get too excited we need to remember to build up again and that requires patience… a lot of patience!

Why so many players fail the first step of the recovery process after heavy BG-ing? Because they lack patience! This impatience leads players to send everything they have to every BG Tournament they see hoping to win something. WRONG! Bad approach!

You need to be patient and continue building because it is better to skip two or three BG Tournaments and come back strong and ready to lay down a whopping than play (or try to play) every BG. It will kill you, trust me. Plan your recovery process, build up, and be patient! Stay focused!  

Resources preparation

•    Check how many Resource Production Boosts you have. How many days can you run on extra production?
•    Do you have any Relics that reduce the cost of Units? Please note that when the Relic is inactive, the Units you built while it was still active will retain their original value. 
•    Do you have a database of Farms? You need a steady income to keep the queues working 24/7 and raiding Farms is essential to this process.
Production speed
•    Do you have any Relics that reduce Unit production time? Now is the time to use them!
•    Did you apply Skull Runes in the Obelisk to reduce the production time of the Units you want to build? 40/50 Skull Runes can reduce the production time of your BG fuel by 12%.
•    Some Units can be trained quicker than others and are worth more for BGs. Ever thought about that? (See next section)

Proper BG fodder/fuel

Now you know how to shorten Unit production time and how to purchase Units at lower rates. Is there anything you need to know in order to optimize that process even more? What is BG fuel? What does the BG system require the most of? The answer is RESOURCES!

What are Resources? They are Gold, Iron, and Food. Every Unit has an approximate value (BG currency) in each of these three Resources. When a Unit is killed, its value contributes to your BG balance and brings you closer to a payout.  

How about using Units that are the quickest to train and that cost the most? And if you also apply those "effects" we talked about in previous sections (cost and production time reductions), wouldn't that be a real BOMB? Of course it would!

Now the question is what these Units are. Here is a chart that shows each Unit’s 
1.    Total cost
2.    Production time
3.    Cost/Production time ratio (Resources per minute)

Offensive Unit Time Cost Ratio Ratio Cost Time Defensive Unit
Pikeman 5m 300 60 40 120 3m Archer
Paladin 8m 520 65 43 192 4m30s Dwarf
Pathfinder 10m 1300 130 43 430 10m Arbalaster
Knight 30m 2166 72 43 430 10m Bear Rider
Great Lord 45m 3520 78 43 860 20m Warden
Reaver 45m 5400 120 43 860 20m Ballista
Warlock 1h30m 7823 87 74 520 7m Huntress
Necromancer 1h53m 10610 94 93 1760 19m Nomad
Wyvern 3h 19000 106 100 1900 19m Barbarian
Dragon 3h30m 24277 116 100 5000 50m Golem
Chimera 1h53m 18200 161 102 5300 52m Demon
Silent One 25m 1500 60 101 7500 1h14m Griffin

As you can see, the Ratio values clearly show how many Resources per minute we produce as BG "currency". The table below is the same except that times are reduced by 12%. This is the maximum value we can achieve in the Obelisk:

Offensive Unit Time Cost Ratio Ratio Cost Time Defensive Unit
Pikeman 4m24s 300 68 45 120 2m38s Archer
Paladin 7m02s 520 74 48 192 3m58s Dwarf
Pathfinder 8m48s 1300 148 59 430 8m48s Arbalaster
Knight 26m24s 2166 82 49 430 8m48s Bear Rider
Great Lord 39m36s 3520 89 49 860 17m36s Warden
Reaver 39m36s 5400 136 49 860 17m36s Ballista
Warlock 1h19m12s 7823 99 84 520 6m10s Huntress
Necromancer 1h39m26s 10610 107 105 1760 16m43s Nomad
Wyvern 2h38m24s 19000 120 114 1900 16m43s Barbarian
Dragon 3h04m48s 24277 131 114 5000 44m Golem
Chimera 1h39m26s 18200 183 116 5300 45m46s Demon
Silent One 22m 1500 68 115 7500 1h05m07s Griffin

 Which Units should you train? Thanks to the ratio, we can now determine that.
In the best-case scenario, we can produce:
·         5.15 million Resources worth of Units per week
·         5.85 million Resources worth of Units, with a 12% reduction in production time, per week
Now is it worth it? I definitely think so. 

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This article was written by player Łukasz Bryzek, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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