Battleground Tournaments

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What is a Battleground Tournament?

Simply put, Battleground Tournaments are Tournaments that pit you against Balur and his minions and give you Points based on how many of Balur’s forces you kill. It is important to remember that you will receive points ONLY from destroying Balur’s forces. Other players’ Units will not count. 

It is Battleground Points and Battleground Points alone that affect your position in the Battleground Tournament Rankings. When you have been credited with Battleground Points, a special icon will appear in your Battle Report. If this icon does not appear, something is amiss as you have not received these Points and and your Ranking Position will be unchanged. 

Why didn't I receive Battleground points?

How many Battleground Points you receive at the conclusion of a battle is completely dependant on the size of the battle and the total number of Balur’s Forces you kill. A massive battle in which you take down many of Balur’s Units will see you receive a similarly massive number of Battleground Points. We can then deduce that if you didn’t receive any Battleground Points after a battle you simply didn’t kill the requisite number of Balur’s Units. 

What are the key points of any Battleground Tournament?

So glad you asked! Here are several key points to be aware of:

  • Even in cases where you have won all available rewards, the number of ranking points will continue to accumulate. In order to receive the reward for first place, you need to have accumulated the highest number of ranking points. 
  • Players who have reached Level 15 and built their Eagle's Nest and House of Lords will be given the option to participate in this tournament.
  • Only attacking and defending Battlegrounds make a difference to where you end up in the rankings.
  • As mentioned above, the only thing that counts with regard to the Battleground Rankings is destroying Balur’s Units. Killing Units belonging to other players will not give you a boost in the Battleground Rankings.
  • If a battle ends without you receiving any Battleground Points, the reason is likely because you didn’t eliminate enough of Balur’s Units in that battle.

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