The Corsaires Seek to Expand Their Influence

Many stories unfolded on the most recent beacon drop day. This is one of those, it is a story of dreams broken and shattered, of expansion gone wrong and bloodshed spilt.

The Corsaires Seek to Expand Their Influence

The Chronicle is going to take a step back and review a recent event that took place within the realm. This is not a distant memory, or story of long ago, but a look back at the most recent beacon drop that graced the realm, and a battle that was largely unremarked.

So much has been unfolding across the realm that it is hard to cover all the major events that are taking place on a daily basis. War and strife are rumored to be in the air and a major beacon war is being talked about; whether or not this will come to fruition is yet to be seen, but we can pray not.

The story we rewind to involves the King of Kings Elite, their brother league the KoK, and an enemy of theirs, the Corsaires.

Near the end of last month, as we know, a vast network of new beacons rose up from the crust of the earth. Battles raged in the South and the East, as leagues vied for supremacy over these new seats of power. One beacon that was heavily contested was beacon 438.

This beacon spawned in what is known as the "KoK territory" and was grabbed by their allies, the KoK Elite. This was a temporary measure while the rest of KoK locked down key beacons on their own and which allowed them to more easily get a grasp on these new seats of power.

Unfortunately, what should of been an easy transition, turned out to be quite the opposite. The Corsaires, a league that has become an interior neighbor of the King of Kings, decided that this was the time to expand their influence and their power. Assuming that the KoK Elite only had a holding defense in place, they struck out and launched a series of attacks against beacon 438.

                                         Corsaires KOKE Battle Over New Beacons

                                        Corsaires KOKE Battle Over New Beacons 2

As can be seen from the sampling of images above, the Corsaires attacked in force, but what they did not realize was the willingness of the KoK Elite to defend these beacons for their brothers and sisters in arms. 

Defenses were mobilized and added to the ramparts as the defenders attempted to repel a mass wave of attacks and spill the blood of the those who would assault their walls.

                                  Corsaires Attack Beacon 438

                                    Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 2

                                      Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 3

                                      Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 4

                                      Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 5

                                      Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 6

                                      Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 7

                                        Corsaires Attack Beacon 438 8

What is shown above is the mass carnage that was self-inflicted upon the Corsaires as they died attempting to take beacon 438 from the King of Kings Elite. The bodies piled high that day on both sides, but none more so than those of the Corsaires.

Infuriated by these actions, the KoK Elite issued battle commands and launched a series of retaliatory attacks against the Corsaires, striking them in their very homes and destroying mass amounts of units, while stealing large swathes of resources. An example of which is shown below.

                                     KoK Attack back

                                       KoK Attack back 2

                                     KoK Attack back 3

Although this is a story of the past, it helps shed some light on the darkness of that day. Knowledge is power within this realm, and we at the Chronicle hope to empower all citizens, from the farmer to the nobleman.

And although this is a story of the past, the future continues on. A future that is rumored to be full of sadness and a return to darker times. Until next time, be safe citizens.

This article was written by a player who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global​.

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