Declarations of War Are Made

The Knights Templar 3 are no strangers to war. Time and time again, they have issued battle orders against their foes and are once again marching to bloodshed. Taking on two foes, they go to war!

Previous Foes Return and Former Allies Turn Enemy

The Knights Templar 3 are no strangers to battles or wars. They have a way of finding themselves in the middle of conflicts, time and time again.

This story is no different. It is not uncommon to see them declaring war on one of their enemies, for their marshal Aaron is quick to anger and not quick to forgive. More than once we have seen him battling his enemies on the public forums, or through messages.

In the past, they have gone to war with some of the most powerful leagues in the realm, two more recent examples being Anarchy and the Destiny league. The latter conflict has been resolved through diplomacy, the former is still ongoing to the best of the Chronicle’s knowledge.

This time, the Knights Templar 3 has made a declaration of war on two more leagues. One of them a former combatant who they did battle with many times before, the 75th Rangers. This is a league that has attacked their fortress, members and beacons numerous times in the past. The second, a more unknown league, the Hell's Advocates and a former ally of theirs turned enemy.

In the past few weeks, Aaron, the Marshal of KT3 sent out the following two messages, calling his members to battle and warning them to prepare for war.

                                                                         KT3 Plans War With Hells Advocates

                                                                         KT3 Declares War 75th Ranges

This call to arms comes at a time when KT3 is dealing with some of their own internal issues, where a recent high ranking member of theirs had to be removed from the roster for causing internal issues and attempting to circumvent the leadership of KT3. 

Having the final say, Dave of KT1, the leader of all the KT leagues, decided that it was better that this member was removed.

Regardless of these internal issues (issues that many leagues find themselves facing from time to time), they stand united and are ready to take on these challenges. 

The question is, will these calls to arms erupt into full blown war, or will tempers simmer down as time goes on? Finally, many are wondering: who KT3 will declare war on next? Only time will tell.

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