A Budding Relationship Has Taken Root

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Many have looked on in wonder as the Integrity Raiders and the Death Before You leagues have grown their influence in the lands of Anarchy. What is happening? What is the true story?

Death Before You and the Integrity Raiders Expand Their Lands

A gradual change has been unfolding in the South-Eastern marches. Anarchy has been steadily losing beacons, but what is more unsettling is the fact that there is no retaliation, which goes against everything that Anarchy as a league stands for.

This, of course, has made many wonder what is unfolding in their lands. Why are they losing so many beacons and why is there no back and forth battles commencing?

The answer is quite obvious to anyone who has engaged in even the slightest diplomacy in the past. Anarchy is shedding beacons.

The leagues gaining traction in their lands are, of course, The Death Before You league and the Integrity Raiders league. Both of these leagues have been building a strong relationship with Anarchy that is destined to benefit both parties going forward.

As can be seen from glancing at the map, both of these leagues have gained significantly in the past few months.

                                                                                                           Anarchy Hands Beacon 272

                                                                                                           Anarchy Hands Beacon 320 IR

                                                                                                            Anarchy Hands Beacon 322

                                                                          DBY Expands

                                                         Integrity Raiders Expand

Taking things one step further, Anarchy has even assisted their budding allies when they were recently assaulted by an enemy of theirs.

Going to battle, the troops of Anarchy were called into action to assist DBY with their foe, the Medusa league.

                                                                                         Death Before You Attacked By Medusa

                                                          Anarchy Chat Attacking Medusa

                                   Anarchy Assists DBY

                                                                    Anarchy Assists DBY 2

Holding true to their word. Anarchy launched a series of attacks, sending many of the Medusa members fleeing into hiding. Having proved that this is more than just a "paper" alliance, at least on Anarchy's part, we will see if the favor is one day returned.

This is just another prime example of how leagues are able to foster relationships and build trust between each other, proving that not everyone is your enemy. For in a time of war, you want all the friends you can get. And as you all know, war is always just around the corner. Until next time, be safe and keep your blades sharp, for you never know when you will need them.

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