New Beacons Grace the Land

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New beacons burst forth from the crust of the land. Leagues in the South, East and North race to secure what they believe to be theirs. Who will dominate? Who will fall?

Power Leagues Expand Their Influence

Once again the earth was ripped asunder, a great upheaval of land has taken place and as the dust settled, new beacons stood where once there was nothing. The race is on.

Anticipating these beacons almost a month ago, many people were completely and utterly caught unaware by the occurrence of this phenomenon. Those who were alert and ready to do battle drew their swords and rode out to take these new lands as their own and to defeat Balur and his vile minions.

In the South, the Anarchy league once again dominated the scene, extending the ownership of their lands and completely cutting off the Knights Templar 2 from the borderlands, fulfilling a goal that they had since taking ownership in the southern marches.

Later on in the day, this drew a response from the Knights Templar 2 Marshal, who seemed surprised by the actions of Anarchy and sent the following message to their Marshal. His response can also be seen below.

Meanwhile, in the East, even more beacons surfaced from the land. This area, which is dominated by the King of Kings, remained so as the KoK took to the field in a rapid manner, locking down and securing a number of their beacons from the hands of Balur.

This turnover of beacons even saw the King of Kings temporary take the number one ranked position in the realm. But it was not to last long, as the league Destiny also saw a large amount of beacons spawn in their North Eastern lands, beacons that they were more than happy to take ownership of.

As can be seen from the images above, the Fist of Honor, DTC, the Unforgiven and the Paladins Sanglants also benefited from the rise of these new seats of power.

Fighting was kept to a minimum, but small skirmishes were seen nonetheless, such as in the southernmost Eastern beacon, which initially traded hands a number of times in rapid succession before landing in the hands of the KoK.

Also, the Knights Templar 2, although not launching any attacks on Anarchy, did attempt to spy their beacons, hoping to gain knowledge of the defenses they possessed. These attempts failed.

Meanwhile, the Knights Templar 3 told their members to stay out of the fray, hoping to pick their battles another day when the opportunity more suited their lands.

Likely, this is only the beginning and the true ownership and control of these new beacons is yet to be decided. Those who have taken these new lands will fight to hold onto what they have gained, while those with aspirations of increasing their strength and influence will be salivating at the thought of doing battle. We doubt that this story is over, stay tuned.

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