The Thracians Are Beaten Back

Last week the Chronicle spoke of those who have had great success due to the ongoing Beacon Wars. These Leagues swiftly expanded their lands and have gained much more influence in doing so.

The Lords who command these great armies have gained in reputation and riches, as they fortify their new seats of power and harvest the mighty Dark Essence that so many covet.
Morale for these upstart Leagues has never been higher: previously they had been locked out by the major Leagues who once dominated the land far and wide. This has lead to an opening up of the map and a diversity that this realm has never before seen in all its long history.

Yet, though some have prospered, there are many who have suffered great losses battling over beacons they wish to seize from from each other. 

This is just such a story that is highlighted in this week's edition of the Stormfall Chronicle. The Thracians are a clan that has slowly grown over time and has had success in taking and controlling beacon number 15 during the chaos that has erupted during the Beacon Wars. They attempted to further expand their domain.

Beacon 15

They sent forth their armies and conquered beacon 68, a beacon that is relatively close to their original seat of power, beacon 15. The results of this act of aggression will be chronicled here, written in the blood of brave soldiers.

Quickly rallying their troops the Thracians grabbed beacon 68 from the King of Kings league, a core member of the Coalition and one of the top clans in the realm. Attempting to quickly retake their beacon, the King of Kings sent a small force to reclaim what they considered theirs. This attack failed as the Thracians had already strongly fortified the walls, easily repelling the KoK's attempt to retake the stronghold.

The King of Kings, a seasoned league made up of battle-hardened warriors, returned home to report the news and a massive reprisal was planned. Once the troops were ready, preliminary attacks were sent to soften up the defenders for a final attack sent by the KoK's Marshal, Takavorr Dave, and two of his warriors.

KoK Hitting 68 Thracians

KoK Takes Thracians 68

As can be seen from the above images that the Stormfall Chronicle was able to obtain, the fighting was quick but intense. The first probing assault did significant damage, but was repelled by the Thracians.

The second attack brought overwhelming force that wiped away the remainder of the defenders, leaving only a small percentage that were able to walk away unscathed.
Battles such as these are becoming more and more commonplace as Leagues are emboldened by the actions of others, with new powers challenging the old.

We can expect this scenario play out many more times, as war is endemic across our lands and further disputes will undoubtedly arise. There are now more neighbors than ever, Lords who must share their borders and compete for resources.
These are truly the best and worst of times. Regardless, the Chronicle will be here to report and share the news that matters most to you our readers. Until next time, be safe citizens and guard your doors, for the drums of war beat on.

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