Leagues Flourish

In the face of chaos and destruction, some have not only survived, but flourished. Out of the ashes of war and the violence that has erupted across the land, new life has been born and is prospering.
Long has the realm and the Chronicle focused on the ongoing events surrounding the Beacon Wars and the destruction that has come along with it. Long have we talked about misery and turmoil.
Alas, the Beacon Wars are far from over, but not all is lost. New and old clans alike have risen to take up arms against Balur, filling the vacuum created by the inability of the main parties in the Beacon Wars to defend all their territory from each other. Unwilling to stretch their forces too thin, they have concentrated their defense in a few choice beacons.

The result of this has been a massive land grab by many leagues that have previously been unable to stake a claim in the realm. New lords are empowered and command formidable armies, armies that have taken up residence in the newly vacant beacons and are more than happy to expand their influence.
All one must do is look at a map of Stormfall from a mere few months ago and then look again now. It has dramatically changed. Ripped asunder, and rebuilt anew, daily life goes on and individuals persevere.
Below, the Chronicle presents a number of images that showcase a few of the leagues who have prospered despite the Beacon Wars and the turmoil that it has caused.



Spiders Beacons

The Blues

From the above images we see all walks of life, from all across the land, whether they be North, West, East or South. Great lords and their citizens have seized the day and taken advantage of the vacant territory. This has greatly expanded their influence and thus their power.
Many of these clans are known to most across the realm, The AoC are an old and noble league that once held great influence and are regaining some of their previously held power.

The Bilskirnir league is a reputable league, known for their battle-hardened experienced members. They have been a massive beneficiary of the Beacon Wars and have taken a large section of the North-West.
The Republic Atredies, a splinter of FOH from their war with Legacy, are new to the scene, but have shown the realm how a clan can be reborn and prosper.

The Blues and the Spiders were unknown to most across the lands, yet both have taken advantage of the current situation. None more so than the Spiders who have gained more land than any other league in recent months.
The Spiders, through their close relationship with the league "We Are Romania" have flourished in the Southern lands and show no signs of slowing their progress.

It is unknown how long these leagues can continue to grow without attracting enemies of their own. Today the Chronicle is reporting on the Beacon Wars, tomorrow who knows what war we will be facing?
Yet one thing is certain. This should hearten many across the lands, as it shows the willingness for man to not only continue on against all odds, but to prosper. Keep safe Stormfall and rejoice, the times are looking better.