Pandemonium at the Beacons- Stormfall Chronicle

It seems like an eternity since the Beacon Wars began, a never-ending night. A darkness has gripped the lands the likes of which has never before been seen, not even in the darkest hours of the war against Balur and his minions. Greater still has been the destruction and loss of life caused by man against man.
The Chronicle has done all within our power to enlighten those left in the darkness. Great Lords seldom share ill tidings with their people, but we at the Chronicle believe it is your right to know why your husbands, children and friends are marching off to their possible doom.
For this reason we have gone into great detail about the battles that have gripped the land. As the name of the war suggests, these battles have been focused primarily around the strongholds of power, the Beacons. These monuments to ambition rise up from the land and provide immense power and influence to whoever is brave enough to do battle and capture one.

Most battles have been between the major power leagues that everyone is now well aware of, the Coalition on one side and the Knights Templar and their allies on the other. But not all battles have been as a result of these two sides going head to head.
Many leagues have attempted to seize the day and take advantage of weakened positions; one cannot blame them for attempting to secure a beacon when the opportunity arises. Many beacons have traded hands daily, their defenses weakened or in some causes outright obliterated.
This has added a whole new element to the Beacon Wars and the power leagues that have attempted to keep what they believe to be "theirs."
All major leagues have had to deal with smaller clans moving in when the dust settles, rallying their defenses to a newly defeated beacon and attempting to take advantage of the chaos.
For many leagues, this has worked, as is clearly indicated from the current state of the map, a point the Chronicle will be delving into in the coming weeks.
For some, this has resulted in catastrophic failure and an the outright destruction of their forces.
Although the examples are many, this week the Chronicle is going to focus on two examples involving the King of Kings, who have had to deal with numerous leagues moving into "their" territory and attempting to seize a beacon when the opportunity strikes.
The Chronicle was able to obtain images from two of these battles, showcasing the destruction of the defender's forces, as the King of Kings moves in to retake their beacons.

Italian Warriors Beacon 91

KOK Hitting 143 DaM

The first image is of the Italian Warriors suffering a defeat in beacon #91, a beacon they attempted to seize from the KoK in a move that cost the lives of many young soldiers.
The second image shows an even greater battle in beacon #143, in which the DaM Empire, an enemy of the King of Kings, suffered a serious setback when two of KoK's heavy hitters struck and wiped out the defending forces.
Both of these leagues cannot be blamed for attempting to expand their influence, but sadly for them in this situation the results were simply not in their favor.

The map is evolving in the lands of Stormfall. For every battle that ends such as the ones showcased above, many more are successful in seizing and taking a beacon for their league.
The times are changing, the troops are getting tired of the constant battles, and the lands of Stormfall may soon have have new powers rising up from the ashes.

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