The Moderator Mage of Stormfall

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Player: Ashley Cocita
Game: Stormfall: Rise of Balur

1. Hey, thank you for the interview. Let’s start with… How did your interest in playing games begin?

I have played games since I was little. I’ve always enjoyed adventure games the most - being in a world where you can have magical powers, where you can do things you can’t in real life. 

I started playing World of Warcraft with some friends when I was around 14. This is when I discovered how amazing MMO games are, because you get to meet so many people from around the world that you’d never meet otherwise.

When this sort of game hit the mobile platform, it was easier to make them a part of your everyday life. I could start carrying my game life right in my pocket.

2. Who has impressed you most in your time being a moderator?

Pawan, another SFM moderator, has always impressed me. We are a small group but he’s always on top of things, and is always so kind to everyone. The work he puts into translating replies is just awesome. To be honest, I thought he was just super fluent in a bunch of languages!

3. Which type of question do you like answering the most? And which type do you dislike?

I like answering productive questions. Many of our players are open-minded, wanting to learn new strategies or improve at the one they are already using. 

I dislike handling complaints that are more like the player is shouting at me. I don’t think that sort of feedback really helps solve any problems, and it makes it harder to help them in the first place.

4. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a moderator?

The main advantage is that we become familiar with the various types of common player problems and how we can solve them. We also get to meet many new people, and learn specific details that can only be noticed if a person asks about it. 

I would say the disadvantages are that some problems are a bit of a runaround, and go in circles. It can take a lot of time to solve problems that are caused by the player themselves if they just want a quick fix and refuse to troubleshoot.

5. Have the skills you have learned while moderating helped you in real life? 

Yes, they have already! At work, I have to help a lot of people, and the skills I have learned while moderating have helped me be more patient. I feel I can now explain things simply without having an attitude about it. It’s also helped with knowing how to deal with critical feedback from customers. 

6. A random question: What is your favorite way to spend your free time? 

In the game, I like finding Beacons to earn achievements. I also like hanging out and just talking to my League members.

In real life, I love spending my free time with friends and family, and my dogs! We go hiking and swimming a lot together. Summers are nice to spend time outside relaxing, and I also enjoying going to concerts, riding my four wheeler, and playing baseball. I also draw and do art projects. 

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