Three Against One, Anarchy Falls

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Anarchy finds themselves surrounded on all fronts. Three major leagues attack in a co-ordinated effort and it is only a matter of time before they break under the combined weight.

Under assault and under siege, Anarchy finds itself attacked from all directions by a coordinated effort, one that will forever change the course of the realm and the map as we know it.

The first indication that a strike was coming came as the spies of the Rebels began to infiltrate and land on their doorsteps. Over 60,000 were sent Anarchy's way and there was little they could do to stop those massive numbers; despite thousands falling, it was inevitable that some would slip through and gain the knowledge they sought: Anarchy's beacon numbers.

Fail Spy

Spy Beacon 631

Once gaining this knowledge, the Rebels went back to their allies and shared the information. A council of war was called and they laid out their attack plan. The Rebels, along with their allies the Knights Templar and the Fellowship, made preparations and the attacks began.

Attack after attack landed on the doorsteps of Anarchy's beacons in the South-East. Many invaders died that day as they were repelled time and time again, the forces of Anarchy holding strong and slaying their attackers as they tried to breach their walls.

Beacon Fail 631

Beacon Fail 631

Fail 630 Beacon

Fellowship fail 631

Rebels fail 631

Yet it was only a matter of time before Anarchy’s defenses would buckle as the attacks continued to rain down all around them. Their defenders were strong, but no force could stand against what was coming next: An army with roughly an offensive strength of three billion descended on the Anarchy beacons, crushing the weakened defenders who had repelled so many before them.

Anarchy Under Attack

Following the successful attacks by the Rebels, the Knights Templar moved in and struck Anarchy's Fortress.

KT Hits Anarchy Fort

What followed after these assaults on the Anarchy homelands was a feeding frenzy, as an aggressive "ping pong" action began and the beacons were leveled down over the course of the day, with Anarchy choosing not to move its forces back into their lands, but rather collect their remaining strength for another day.

Shortly after this, Anarchy lashed out and rapidly seized the vast majority of the Fellowship of DaM's beacons, one of those who involved themselves in the strikes against them.

Anarchy Hits FoD

What comes next is anyone’s guess. It has been reported that Anarchy will not be moving back into the beacon arena, but rather will be going full offensive.

Dangerous days lay ahead and the realm is now more unstable than it has ever been before, as more and more leagues choose to forsake the beacon game and move into a constant state of bloodshed.

Our only hope now is that the realm can hold itself together, and not tear itself apart. We can hope, but at this point, hope is all that remains.

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