The Emperors Return in Force

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The Emperors have returned to the beacon scene and are now once again on the map. They have come roaring back and now must fight to assert their dominance.

For ages now, the Emperors remained off the map. Their war with Destiny, which saw these two powerful leagues going head to head, made it a prudent course of action. Deciding to act as a fully offensive force and not play the "beacon game" served them well and gave their enemies little advantage over them.

Now, the times have changed and hostilities have largely been reduced within the realm, at least in regard to the Emperors and their foes. This has allowed them to reevaluate their position within the realm and once again they have decided to move back onto the map and stake out their own piece of land.

First, was in the West, where they claimed a large number of beacons, but faced some minor setbacks during one of the most recent beacon massacres. Still, they pushed on and have solidly established a foothold in this region, claiming it as their own.

Emperors Back on Map

Yet, the Emperors would not stop there, they have continued to carve out more territory for themselves and also laid claim to a large piece of landmass in the Northern marches nestled in between the Knights of Camelot and the AOC.

Emperors Back On Map2

These significant gains in beacon territory have shot them up the ranks once again, especially when taking into consideration the large amount of achievements they have gained through their war campaign of recent months.

As can be seen on the charts, they now rank sixth overall within the realm.

Emperors Rank Higher

Emperors Take Beacons

Whether or not this will now change the aggressive nature of the Emperors is yet to be seen. Will they be forced to tone down their violent nature, or will they double down to assert their dominance over these new lands and fend off their many enemies? 

Only time will tell, but you can rest assured that the Emperors will dish out swift and bloody retribution to anyone who dares invade their newly taken lands.

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