The Unforgiven Kings Battle the Dragoni

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The Unforgiven Kings once again find themselves at the center of a bloody, heated conflict. This time, it is with the Dragoni, who recently assisted Destiny in a campaign of destruction against their forces.

The Unforgiven Kings have faced many setbacks. They have been dealing with conflict for months now and must constantly prove themselves to old and new enemies alike. Today is just another day in Stormfall for the Unforgiven Kings and their battle-hardened forces, with new foes replacing the old.

Due to the recent hostilities they have faced surrounding Destiny, they now find themselves at odds with the Dragoni, a league that assisted Destiny in their recent campaign against the Unforgiven Kings.

This conflict quickly got out of hand between these two evenly-matched leagues, with the spark being initiated by the UK after they attacked one of the Dragoni's beacons.

UK Attack Dragoni Beacons

This, in turn, led to a retaliation by the forces of the Dragoni, as could be expected. An all-out war quickly unfolded and was thus declared by the leadership on both sides.

Dragoni Attack UK fort

Dragoni UK Goto War

At first, it was unclear which side was getting the better of the other, as this truly was a close matchup with both sides being roughly equivalent in both offensive and defensive might.

Still, it was only a matter of time before one of the sides' strategies proved to be the better and a winner would begin to take the lead. This proved to be the Dragoni, who adopted a more defensive stance.

UK Dragoni War Update

UK Dragoni War Update 2

Dragoni UK War report

As can be seen from the above report, the Dragoni were pulling ahead in this conflict, but only slightly. Still, it was enough to give the leadership of the Unforgiven Kings pause, and they began to reassess their tactics.

As the days dragged on, and as both sides began to realize that this war was essentially a waste of both lives and resources, dialogue began to resume and the leadership of both sides started to entertain the idea of ending hostilities.

Dragoni UK Peace Talks

Still, despite these words of hope, and although hostilities have been greatly diminished, the threat of war still looms on the horizon.

Both sides are still declared as enemies under their diplomacy, with the threat of renewed bloodshed a constant, daily threat that they must always be aware of and looking over their shoulders for.

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