The Wait is Over, Or is It?

The rumors have circulated for weeks and many great lords and heroes have been on edge. New Beacons rise forth from the lands, but not on all borders. The race is on.

New Beacons Rise in the North West

The rumors have circulated for weeks and many leagues have been preparing for the coming of this day. The day I speak of has come to pass, and the secret knowledge that many possessed has now come to light. The knowledge I speak of is the rise of the newest beacons to grace this land.

Once again, somehow, the rumor began to make its way through townships and keeps all over the lands. Great lords knew that these seats of power were quickly approaching, as they assumed most would, that they would once again stretch their influence across the entire outskirts of our borderlands, they were wrong.

This time was different. Only in the North and the West did we see these seats of power burst through the soil and rise up out of the darkness. As it has always been in the past, they came occupied by the dark forces of Balur, from the dark depths of the world.

Many stood idly by, such as those in the Knights Templar 2 and Anarchy, who had their Bannerman on alert, only to find that there would be no gruesome fight to occur over their contested borders. Messages were sent out and the men were ready, yet there was nothing to do but watch the leagues who call the Southern marches their homeland.

Instead, the wars were fought in the North and West. The Unforgiven Knights, one of the top ranking leagues in our realm, once again asserted its force and cast out Balur in a quick sweeping motion, dismissing any rivals as they once again expanded and maintained control of their growing lands.

West Unforgiven

Meanwhile, in the North West, we have seen a much more contested scene as many beacons traded hands quickly, with some lesser-known leagues taking key positions on the map and thus making the realm take notice of their growing power.

Such leagues as Braveheart, the Chevaliers, The Walking Dead, the Guardians of Avalon and the KoK Elite were seen taking these valuable prizes.

NW Beacons

Further to the East, but still in the North, the scene was much more controlled. The KoK Elite, who has recently in the past few month burst onto the scene, continued their path of expansion and growing power, taking control of a large number of the new Beacons.

Destiny, heralded by many as the most powerful league in the realm, also asserted their strength and maintained their borders, daring any to try and contest them.

KoK Elite Destiny

With the pattern now set, the strategists and knowledge-seekers are now assuming what will happen next. The next rise of beacons, which is yet unknown, will likely complete the ring of beacons and the unknown forces of the world will finish what they started. 

Although this is assumed, none can know for sure, as this realm is truly unpredictable and true nature of the beacons is known by none save the gods themselves. We will simply have to wait and see: until then, we advise keeping your weapons sharp and your wits about you. New beacons could arise any day.

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