Vengeance is Wrought

For months tensions have flared and now the time for action has arrived. Destiny strikes out, smiting their enemies.

Tensions Flare Between Destiny and Cherokee Nations

The tension between a select few leagues has been growing and is reaching the point of eruption. The leagues I speak of being Cherokee Nations, the Walking Dead and their opposition, Destiny and the GOA.

For months these leagues have been at each other's’ throats, pillaging and plundering strongholds across each other’s lands. On one hand, this is the way of the world and is typical of our era, yet the targeting has been incredibly focused and resentment has been building as each sides members call for blood to be spilled in a more meaningful way.

Taking these slights against them no longer, Destiny, arguably the most powerful league in the realm, has called for action and is looking to make an example of the offenders.

Destiny Cherokee Walking Dead

Yet, this would not be the end. As would soon be learned by all, Destiny began mobilizing key members in the ranks, who would be involved in an attack of monstrous proportions. The results of which would be soon made clear to the ranks of the Cherokee Nations and their members.

Attacks began to land on Cherokee Nations beacon 251, pummelling the defenders in a never ending wave of attacks that covered the walls with blood and caused the nearby rivers to run red for weeks.

Once the dust settled, a new flag waved in the air and the leadership of Destiny sent a letter home, informing their citizens of the victory they had scored against the enemy that has been plaguing their lands.

Destiny Takes 251 Cherokee Nations

Destiny Takes Beacon 251

Following this action, Cherokee Nations returned to beacon 251, only to find it deserted. Attempting to retake what was theirs, they quickly learned that holding this defeated stronghold would not be quite so easy. 

Chaos erupted over beacon 251 as marauders from all lands descended to feed on the carcass that once was a proud bastion of power, quickly devaluing its rank and thus its power and influence.

Chaos Beacon 251

Lashing out, Cherokee Nations struck out in anger against the Guardians of Avalon, another one of their enemies and a strong supporter of Destiny. This caused similar chaos over beacon 170.

Madness Beacon 170

Since these developments, tension has remained high, yet the appetite for violence appears to have been somewhat appeased for the time being.

Will this remain so? It is unlikely and is only a matter of time before the skies are once again filled with wings of dragons and the sound of screams can be heard in the wind. War is only a breath away.

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