DaM Shield Reborn

The DaM Empire, a league with a long, deep history in our realm, has begun to fracture. A fundamental difference has formed which will result in the departure of its founder and an entire league with him.

DaM Shield Reborn

A league with a long, deep history has begun to divide. A collection of families, the DaM Empire has stood since nearly the beginning of the realm’s creation.

This family consisted of a multitude of leagues, which at one point gave it great strength in its numbers and unity. Sadly, these days are over for the DaM Empire and the source of this division is surprising to most.

A vote was put forth by the main body of the DaM Empire, DaM Nations. The intention was to ally with Destiny, one of the most powerful leagues in the realm. This intention was favored by most, but not all: in particular, the founder of the DaM Empire, DaM Man.

Voicing his opinion at this meeting, DaM Man made it clear that he would never allow his league, DaM Shield, to ally with Destiny. Drawing much scorn from his fellow DaM family members, a divide quickly began to grow and the meeting was ended with an ominous feeling in the air.

Bringing this news back to his league members in DaM Shield, DaM Man made it clear what direction he intended to take his part of the DaM family.

Divide in DaM

DaM Divide Grows

Following these messages, the DaM Shield leadership began to discuss their best course of action and what direction to take the league in regards to the DaM family. Would they stay, or now that there was a fundamental difference in the family, would they depart and go their separate ways? This very question was put to the members, to gather their thoughts and to better help the leadership in their decision making.

DaM Shield Votes


After much talk and many messages from members giving their thoughts on the matter, it was clear that the league felt one way and one way only. They could no longer stay in the DaM family. The votes were tallied and a league message was sent out informing the ranks.

DaM Shield Vote Decided

The Fellowship of DaM is now formed and this once proud member of the DaM Empire is now a Bannerman for the Fellowship family of leagues. They will strike out on their new path and make their own destiny, whether it be for the better or the worse. 

This league, which has been the target of many in the past, has a long and hard battle ahead of them, as they have exposed their true feelings about many of the most powerful leagues in the realm and made their intentions known. 

The DaM Empire on the other hand has shown that it is divided and fractured. Will more follow DaM Shield actions and strike out on their own? Or will they unify and rally behind their banner? 

A chapter is closed in this great realm’s history books, while a new one opens. So is the nature of our times and the results of these actions are yet to manifest themselves...whether they be for better or for worse, only time will tell.

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