Belgium and Holland Battles for their Honor

Last week of April 2015

By Nathan McDonald

Bells were ringing, citizens were cheering and great lords dressed in their finest garments. The food was a plenty in the market squares and people moved quickly about their day, finishing their chores as quickly as possible, for fear of missing the show.

The show I speak of is none other than the challenge that was issued between two fine leagues. The first league being the noble Legacy league, which readers of the chronicle are familiar with, given our reporting of the war between them and Fist of Honor.

The second league, unknown to many across the realm, due to their usually tame nature, the league known as Belgium and Holland.

As is typical with a challenge, it began with a dispute. In this case, it began with Doibra, a member from legacy and Itonya from Belgium and Holland. This dispute quickly spilled over into the daily lives of both leagues citizens and a resolution had to be found.

Legacy, known for its eagerness to resolve disagreements through a test of arms was quick to act and offered a solution to Belgium and Holland. Either both sides continue with this war indefinitely, or a challenge can be issued, with a 7 day test of arms, tactics and skill.

The leadership in Belgium and Holland agreed to the solution and a challenge was born, after conferring with its members.. The fighting started heavy within the first 24 hours, both sides sent out their forces and fireballs were seen lighting up the sky in all directions across the lands.

Legacy's heavy hitters went into action, raiding the leadership of Belgium and Holland, while a number of tactful players from B&G began targeting lower level lords from Legacy. Successful blows were landed on both sides, but the seasoned Legacy was quickly pulling ahead.

As the days wore on, one member from B&G, Dutch Viking was successful in a series of fireballs which resulted in the score narrowing. Onlookers from both sides cheered on for their perspective nations, but yet Legacy remained ahead.

Despite B&G's valiant effort in attempting to narrow the gap in points, Legacy began to pull ahead again, as they scored a successful series of attacks and defensive battles, which awarded them a large number of points.

When the dust settled, the great lords put aside their swords and shields and anxiously awaited the official announcement of the score, the results of which the Stormfall Chronicle was able to obtain and is presented below:

Legacy & Belgium Holland Challenge

Legacy Challenge

The victor, as seen above was none other than the Legacy league, which scored higher in every single category, including attack, defense and settlement points. The amount of lives lost totaled 36,037 in the B&G lands, while Legacy lost 13,246.

Lord Oberon himself even made an appearance and congratulated the victor. Awarding them a minor gift, and more importantly a strong boost of moral to their league and bragging rights.

..."Lord Oberon made an appearance"...

The Stormfall Chronicle was more than happy to report on this event, as the times are dark in this period known as the Beacon Wars. Any reprieve from the constant turmoil should be taken and enjoyed, as the lands are dangerous and little joy can be found.

Fortunately, as you may soon learn from the Stormfall Chronicle, that may be changing and a brighter future may be just beyond the horizon, let us pray and hope that it is.

This article was written by Nathan McDonald, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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