The End of Days? Or the End of a League?

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April 3rd Edition


Citizens of Stormfall, we depart from our regular reporting of the Beacon wars that have been unfolding across these great lands.

A reported image that caught the eye of every citizen, no matter if you were in the East, West, South or even the farthest Northen reaches has filled our mailbox to the brim. 

Some were calling it the apocalypse, some the end of days, but fear not, for as always, the Chronicle is here with an explanation to enlighten the masses and quell the fear of lords everywhere.

The image I am reporting on is one that could not of possibly missed, as the very skies appeared to be aflame. No, this was not the work of some evil god with ill intentions to man, or the work of Balur, but a small group of sorcerers, with the intentions to do destruction, total destruction.

The target you ask? The one many call the "true" marshal of Fist of Honor, Sir Bronzearms. It is known to lords across the lands, that Fist of Honor has a "false" marshal. 

This allows the league to have a target that is not truly a target (think of it as a double), that is meant to take a fall, sparing the true leader's life, in this case, Sir Bronzearms.

Yet, this fact was known to the great sorcerers in the Legacy league, who heard word through one of their many scouts that a great mass of troops was gathering at the true leader of FoH's castle. The cost of attacking such an army head on would of cost many lives on both sides, so a plan was orchestrated. This plan would light the very skies aflame across the realm.

The devastation was absolute, as a monumental 50 "firebombs" was sent towards Sir Bronzearm's castle. The images are in such a multitude that we cannot possibly share them all here on the Stormfall Chronicle, but a sample of them can be seen below:

Sorcery Spell

Sorcery Spell

Battle message


Battle Message

It is said that this destruction, which a sample of can be seen above, was the work of three devoted sorcerers in the Legacy league. The loss of lives was monumental, but what was truly stunning was the reported total number of legendary heroes that perished in the flame, a total of 184!

Unfortunately for Sir Bronzearms, this lord was away from his keep and not able to respond to the destruction that fell upon his lands. His citizens were helpless, without guidance.

We have been told that after this carnage was inflicted, Sir Bronzearms asked Legacy what terms they would agree to in order to stop the hostilities between their two leagues, likely demoralized from the losses he suffered.

Does this signify the end of the dispute between these two great leagues, or will Legacy, like a rabid dog, continue to pursue its foe, now that they know they have it on the run?

Only time will tell.

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