Legacy and FoH Collide, Beacons Shutter

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April 2015, 2nd edition

Citizens of Stormfall, we are happy to report that the Stormfall Chronicle continues to receive rave reviews from a large number of our readers, we are happy to have you here with us, for another edition and hope that our success continues on. The wealth of knowledge that the citizens of Stormfall have gained from our reporting has never been seen before. Lords no longer keep their serfs in the dark. The people are hungry for knowledge and the Chronicle is happy to provide.

Last week, we saw a slow down, yet a continuation of the war that is engulfing the realm. The Beacon Wars. It would be hard not to notice the conflict that has torn the land asunder, if you haven't, then we ask? Where have you been? For as once speculated, this war has spared no-one  Yet, this week we move back to another conflict, we are reporting on, the action between Fist of Honor and the Legacy league. The action once again resumed and in a significant way. Fist of Honor, who gained their beacons during the downfall of Throne of Kings and Legacy, who won and held their Beacon from Balur and multiple league attacks saw both of their lands engulfed in chaos. Legacy was the first to act, a wave of attacks landed on the Fist of Honor homeland, striking beacon 127, serious losses were reported from both sides, but FoH was able to hold onto their beacon by a small 3% margin victory. 

The Stormfall Chronicle has gained the knowledge that this was, in part, but not entirely, because of a misguided softening blow from Legacy. Regardless of the reasoning. FoH was able to hold on, although with heavy losses. Next was Fist of Honors turn, which saw its Marshal of Marshals, Nobody strike Legacy's homelands, with Beacon 116 being the target. These blows were purely meant to gauge Legacy's strength in the beacon and test its strength.

Wave after wave of Necromancers rained down on the Beacon, yet scarcely a few returned home. Despite these results and the overwhelming losses suffered by FoH's Marshal, Nobody, FoH2, decided to attack anyway. Lead by one of their Captains, Quig. FoH2 struck Legacy's Beacon with all they had.



As seen from the images that the Chronicle was able to obtain, the losses on the side of FoH were truly stunning. A Fraction of defense on Legacy's side was lost, while almost the entirety of FoH's forces, lead by Quig, met their doom. Therefore, it came as yet another shock to Legacy and their leaders when the forces of FoH continued to splash up against the walls of their Beacon, in an action that can be called nothing else, but suicide.




At this point, all semblance of co-ordination seemed to break down and members of FoH began to attack on their own. Completely ignoring all proper Beacon strategy. Meanwhile the forces of Legacy continued to suffer only minor losses.




Given the stunning losses and the high ranking of Fist of Honor, this has started a serious conversation amongst the citizens of Stormfall, what does league ranking really mean? Is FoH, who is currently one of the top ten leagues truly a top ten league? The answer to this, must be decided by you, the citizens of Stormfall. Many have already come to their own conclusions, yet one thing is for certain.

Fist of Honor is going to need a lot of relaxation and rest before they can recover the losses seen above.

Next week, the Stormfall Chronicle picks up where we left off, with the main conflict engulfing the realm. Old faces and a once thought of defeated league, resurfaces to exact vengeance. Stay tuned citizens and as always, be safe.  

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This article was written by a player, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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