Joining An Academy

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What’s An Academy?

An Academy is a special sub-section of a League designed for recruiting and mentoring new players. League Marshals set up Academies for their Leagues so that players who are too low-level to achieve full League membership can still learn, socialize and participate in League activities. Eventually, once an Academy member becomes strong enough, they can be promoted to a full-fledged League member.

Players in a League’s Academy are given the special League rank of Neophyte. Neophytes are trained under the watchful eyes of experienced players. 

How Do I Join An Academy?

Go to your Embassy, open the “Join League” tab. You will see a list of Academies currently accepting applications. If you have a specific Academy you wish to join, look for it on the list. If you haven’t decided on a specific Academy that you want to join, you can click “Join Random League” at the bottom of the screen to join one at random. Note that joining an Academy does not require approval, and you will be enrolled in one instantly.

However, all Leagues have a 7-day trial period in which you cannot participate in League Tournaments, interact with Bastions and League Fortresses, or benefit from League Achievements.

How Do I Create An Academy?

All newly-created Leagues have an Academy set up. If you are the Marshal of your League, you may manage your Academy from your Embassy.From the Embassy, open the “My League” tab and click “League Settings.” From there you may enter the required level for joining your Academy and your League’s preferred language.

You can also customize these settings so that candidates looking to join an Academy in your region are automatically placed in yours. You will get 10 dedicated membership slots for Neophytes. 

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