The War For The Colonies!


The more Resources you possess, the stronger the army you can build! Conquer and defend Colonies if you are in need of Timber, Bronze or Grain!

Control over the Colonies is the key to victory in these bloody times. To find and conquer Colonies, you must build the Tholos. The wisdom of its elders will help you take over the Colonies and rule them justly. You will also need to build the Oracle and use its all-seeing gaze to locate new Colonies. You can control your claimed Colonies from the War Council. 

Send Offensive Units to claim a Colony, and station a garrison of Defensive Units there after capturing it to protect it from enemy attacks. Send your Scouts to spy upon your target first. Be alert - even allies may cut one another's throats over the Resources to be found in a Colony. Choose your targets wisely and do not step on your allies' toes when fighting over Colonies – lest you find yourself friendless against Xerxes' hordes. 

The citizens of a newly conquered Colony will require some time to collect enough resources for a worthy tribute - so each Colony will be ready to pay you no sooner than one hour after you've claimed said Colony. You can collect more tribute once every hour. If you haven't collected a Colony's Tribute for more than 12 hours, the excess resources will be plundered and lost to you. 

For further counsel regarding the Colonies, seek assistance from the Guide. 

May Ares steady your blade, Leonidas, Basileus of Sparta.