A Spartan Wedding!

Global Quests



The date of my wedding with Gorgo, daughter of Cleomenes, draws near. It is time that we began the preparations. My bride insists that we follow our ancestors' traditions and celebrate our marriage with Orange Blossoms, of which we have few in our land. The Persians, however, have many such useless delicacies. I suppose they came here for our rocks and olives. This is not fit work for warriors, but even a King must heed a mother of Spartans. Do this thing for me, and the more Blossoms you collect, the greater shall be your reward.

Basileus Leonidas


Participate in voluntary Global Quests and you will have the opportunity to receive new Units, Special Items, new game features and even Glory Points (GPs). Glory Points are a unique Resource which can be used to purchase new in-game features and unique Articles needed to obtain new units. Once you have amassed enough Glory Points, go to the Market, open the “GPs” tab and select an item you wish to purchase.


All Archons will be divided into varying classes according to their Experience Level. These classes are: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master and Expert. You and your fellow Archons will be divided up into Classes before each Global Quest, and you will remain in this Class even if you level up during the Quest. Collect as many Quest items as possible and occupy top positions in your Class to get Glory Points. Not only experienced players will be able to win advanced rewards, but also Novice players who occupy the top positions in their Class.

If any Archons require further information, please refer to the “Guide” section.