New Special Offer Packages Available!



A message from the marathoners!


The gods have bestowed upon you a new series of incredible Items to make gaining control of Hellas easier than ever before!

Take a look!

- Auto Unit Hider. This Item provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your newly returned and trained Units have automatically been secured in your Acropolis. The duration of time this Item is good for depends on the version you choose. Get the "Auto Unit Hider" with the hourly amount to suit your needs. The choice is yours!

- Instant Recall. Have you ever desired to take back a decision? Then this Item is for you! With Instant Recall your decision to send your warriors to a strongly defended City can be reversed before they arrive, thus sparing your warriors to fight another day! Regardless of how far away your Units are, so long as they haven’t yet arrived at their destination you can instantly recall them to your City with Instant Recall. Because why learn the hard way?

- Quests Refresher. This Item allows you to get new Divine Quests! If you have completed all of your Divine Quests, just use this Item to get a fresh set of new ones!

You can get these Items at the Market (Go to the "Special" section of the “Misc” tab).

The gods have smiled upon you, Archon! Allow me to introduce the “My Items” window! All Items you purchase in the game – or those that you receive as a reward - can now be found in a single place. The “My Items” window can be found in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

All of these Items are available in exclusive Special Offer packages now! A wise Archon knows such an opportunity is unlikely to come around twice. Seize your chance and increase your battle fortunes!

These Items are sure to benefit all Archons by making battles more affordable and enabling you to develop your City faster!

The Soothsayers have forecast advances in upcoming Items and equipment, so more innovative Spartan survival gear is sure to be available soon!

Basileus Leonidas