A New Chapter In Spartan Warfare!


From this day forth your Coalition will be able to challenge other Coalitions in order to compete, earn new Coalition Achievements, and prove that your Coalition is the mightiest out of all Greece! The Challenge condition can be initiated from the "Diplomatic Status" window in the "Coalitions" section at the Embassy. Once a Challenge is accepted by another Coalition, the countdown timer starts, and the Challenge points are being calculated. 

The Challenge Condition is all about battling rival Coalitions and showing who are the true "Spartan Warriors"!

Only the Coalition Hegemons, or the ones entrusted with Diplomatic privileges, can challenge other Coalitions. Only one Challenge at a time is allowed. A Challenge condition cannot be cancelled if activated, and Coalition management will need to wait until it expires if they wish to change the Diplomatic Status with a certain Coalition. 

There is a "Report" button next to a Coalition that is either involved in the Challenge condition or in a State of War with you in your "Diplomacy" tab of "My Coalition" section at the Embassy. You will see detailed statistics of the encounter if you click on it. There will be a timer at the top of the screen indicating the time left until the Challenge condition is over, or, if you are currently at War, it will indicate how much time you have been at War with that Coalition for. You can view the detailed statistics on all Coalition Wars and Challenges in the "Coalition Report" tab of the "Coalitions" section at the Embassy.

Let the battles begin!


Basileus of Sparta