Invite Friends And Receive Huge Rewards!



A message from the marathoners!


As of today, all Artisans in Hellas have been delivered the construction plans for a new building – the Hall of Xenia. Xenia, as many wise Archons know, is the concept of hospitality, generosity and courtesy, with the aim of creating a lasting alliance between two parties. In order to rise up against Xerxes and defeat his giant forces, we must adhere to this principal unquestioningly – and the Hall of Xenia allows us to do this!

Building the Hall of Xenia allows you to improve your Timber, Bronze, and Grain production in your City, and earn huge rewards by simply inviting Friends. As honorable warriors, we have grown to know the importance of Xenia and appreciate any efforts to adhere to its principles. Because of this, the rewards for inviting Friends are great: Resources, Elixirs, Dominion Points, Units, and that's not all – you will also receive special new Items – Tokens.


Tokens can be used to upgrade the Hall of Xenia and improve your Resource production. You may Upgrade the building to a maximum level of 10, which will provide a 20% increase to your Resource production.

You can earn rewards for:
1. Inviting Friends to join the game. Bear in mind that you will only receive one reward per each player invited – repeat invites will not be counted.
2. Each Friend that joins the game.
3. Each invited Friend that reaches Level 15 in the game.

You may only build 1 Hall of Xenia. To build the Hall of Xenia, do the following:

1. Go to your City and click the "Construction" menu.
2. Open the "Resource" tab and select the Hall of Xenia.
3. Choose a place inside your City and start construction.

Bear in mind: users will only be rewarded for Friends who register through their invites AFTER the update. Friends who were invited via the old system will not be taken into account.

Heed this advice and work together, Archons, for only if we fight as one will we be able to defeat Xerxes' monstrous armies.

Basileus Leonidas