Fight For Greece, Archon!



After the death of Darius the Great, his son, Xerxes, took his place as the rightful heir to the Achaemenid Imperial throne. Having already conquered Egypt, Parthia, Medes and Babylonia, Xerxes’ powerful army pushed on and crossed Hellespont. Dreaming of world supremacy, Xerxes waged war against the whole of Greece. Many Cities, realizing the strength and brutality of Xerxes’ Empire, chose to submit to his regime. Leonidas of Sparta was one of the only men brave enough to rise against the aggressors and lead the struggle to bring freedom and independence to Greece.

Now Ancient Hellas is engulfed in the flames of war. The Persians lay waste to the countryside, burning defenseless villages to the ground and decimating entire Cities. On land and at sea, greatest war the ancient world has ever seen is destabilizing trade and upending the political balance of the Ecumene. From Rhodes to Ithaka, from Messenia to Macedonia, military alliances are being formed and huge battles are being fought. No leader holds high hopes of peace for Hellas, and most Cities must now rely solely on themselves and their closest allies.

King Leonidas is searching for the strongest, bravest, and most courageous warriors in all of Hellas to drive Xerxes and his Persian army out of Greece. You are now responsible for the future of your City, and the eyes of all free Greece now look to you and your allies... will you rise to the defense of your people? Or will you fade away into history?

Decide, Archon. Your legend begins here!