Enlist In A Coalition Academy!


Only a well-organized Coalition can drive Xerxes and his Persian Army out of Greece! All Archons may join an Academy within a Coalition to master their skills, gain new knowledge and experience, and become an integral part of Coalition life. If you want your name written alongside the other heroes of Hellas, now is the time to join a powerful Coalition and enter the greater battle! Go to your Embassy, open the “Academy” tab and click “Join Academy.” If you haven’t decided which Coalition or Academy to apply for, click “Join Random Academy.”

All Hegemons have been empowered to create a Coalition Academy in which to recruit potential Trainees. Customize your Coalition Settings to automatically place candidates in your region and language who are looking for a Coalition to join. You may allocate associations between key Coalition Members and Scholars in the Academy as you deem fit, and customize its size and recruitment parameters. Don't let the enemy enlist potential new talent before you!

Go to your Embassy, open the “My Coalition” tab and click “Coalition Settings.” Next, enter the required level for joining your Academy, preferred language, and the number of Coalition Membership slots you allot as training space for Scholars. 

The Scholar rank allows Hegemons to train low-level players under the watchful eye of experienced Archons.  Two more Coalition Ranks have been added to the game – Ambassador and Metic. These permit no special new abilities, but will allow you to designate Coalition Members to conduct diplomacy and other duties as you see fit.

May Zeus guide your hands, 

Leonidas, Basileus of Sparta.