Discover Skills and defeat Challengers to earn Phylarch Points!

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A message from the marathoners!


Fortune smiles upon you! From now on, every Archon will have the ability to fight using a fearless warrior!

To use this Phylarch and bring glory upon your City, you must first build the Amphitheater. This is where you can find and interact with your Phylarch and take advantage of unique opportunities to strengthen your armies and develop your City!

In order to benefit from Phylarch Bonuses, you must Discover Skills in the Skills tab at the Amphitheater. To Discover and Improve Skills you will need to accumulate Phylarch Points, which can be obtained by defeating Challengers in the Battle tab.

In the Phylarch tab, you can select the Skills that you wish to gain Bonuses from, then activate them. The number of Bonuses you are able to have active simultaneously is limited but can be increased with the Discovery of “Additional Slot” Skills.

Remember: Bonuses are only effective until their activation period ends.

There are two types of Skills: Conventional Skills, which can be activated at any time after they are Discovered, and Mythical Skills. Mythical Skills will require Marks (Marks of Helios, Marks of Athena, Marks of Hades) to activate, which are earned through participation in Tournaments and other game events. In the Phylarch tab, you can see how many Phylarch Points and Marks of each type you currently possess.

Make haste, Archon! Put your Phylarch's power to use and make your City glorious!

Basileus Leonidas

Vikings: War of Clans

You are a Viking! You are the Hero!

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