Coalition Diplomatic Options!



The wars between the Coalitions of Greece make us stronger – but there must be order if we are to emerge united against Xerxes. For this reason, I, Leonidas, Basileus of Sparta, hereby declare that from this day forth, every Coalition in Greece shall be able to declare their Diplomatic Status with another Coalition. These statuses will impact possible actions between them – from all-out warfare, to enforced peace.

Hegemons of Coalitions shall now be able to declare five new Diplomatic Statuses to openly state their relationship with other Coalitions. These are: “Neutral”, “Ally”, “Enemy”, “At Peace” and “At War”.

All Coalitions will begin with a “Neutral” Status towards each other. Only Hegemons and those Archons trusted with Diplomatic Privileges are able to change the Diplomatic Statuses between their Coalition and others.

“Neutral”, “Ally” and “Enemy” statuses, although a formal statement of relationship, are in no way binding – Coalitions with these declared statuses are still able to attack each other’s Pantheons, should they wish.

“At War” and “At Peace” statuses will hold influence over the Coalitions’ actions. Those Coalitions in declared states of War will have all attack limits removed from attacking each other’s Pantheons.

Those Coalitions in declared states of Peace will be unable to attack each other’s Pantheons, until the Peace Status is formally broken.

To alter your Diplomatic Status with another Coalition: go to your Embassy, open the "Coalitions" tab, find the Coalition of your choice, click on the icon in the "Status" column and choose the desired Diplomatic Status from the pop-up menu. Once you have altered the Diplomatic Status, the other Coalition will receive a notification to accept or decline the new status. Once accepted, the offer cannot be cancelled.

To view all pending Diplomatic Requests, go to your Embassy, open the “My Coalition” tab and click “Diplomacy”. 

Archons, be sure to check the “Guide” section for further information.

King Leonidas,

Basileus of Sparta