Capture Pantheons!

A Message from the Marathoners!



Heed this message and pay attention to the details, for it may prove to be the key to taking control of Greece once and for all. As it is now, Xerxes and his ruthless Persian forces are the ones controlling every single Pantheon in the lands… And we have just let it happen - it’s time for that to end! We must work together for one cause and retake the Pantheons, for the good of Greece.

Pantheons are heavily fortified locations spread throughout ancient Greece – they are the only places with any true hope of withstanding the giant tides of Persian forces that now threaten our lands. These locations are so vast in size that they may only be attacked and controlled by highly organized Coalitions. Be aware and plan your attacks carefully, Archons – each Pantheon may be heavily defended by Persian forces, or even rival Coalitions! Once conquered, each Pantheon must be developed using Resource contributions from all Coalition Members. As each Pantheon develops, its defensive bonus, controlled territory and other attributes will increase. Controlling multiple Pantheons will directly increase a Coalition’s territory and their area of control. A Coalition’s ability to capture, defend and develop Pantheons will now be the sole factor which determines your Coalition’s ranking and influence over Hellas. 

By the powers vested in me, I implore all Archons to work together with their Coalition to focus their attentions on conquering as many of these Pantheons as humanly possible! It’s the only way to assert your Coalition’s dominance over the lands of Hellas. Work together with your Coalition - conquer and hold Pantheons to gain control over Greece. To see each Coalition’s territory and their area of influence over Greece, check the Imperial Map.

The Imperial Map shows the locations and current occupiers of all Pantheons located throughout Hellas. To view the Imperial Map, go to the game map and select one of the scale buttons in the top-right corner of the screen.

To interact with a Pantheon, open the Imperial Map and place your cursor over any Pantheon to choose from a menu of possible actions. You may also interact with Pantheons directly from within your City walls. Once your Coalition has control of one or more Pantheons go to the Embassy and open the "Pantheons" tab to interact with it.

Moreover, our scholars have gained new knowledge to aid you at the Academy - Veterancy Cost - the greater your upgrade level of this knowledge, the less Orichalcum you will need to promote your units to veterancy.

For Freedom and Democracy in Greece!

Leonidas, Basileus of Sparta