Boost Scrolls of Wisdom!




Educating yourselves and your men about the art of war is extremely important, Archons. And without that education, without that wisdom, we would be nothing more than savages – but we have a problem: education and studying takes time, and time is precious!

With the war growing harder and faster by the day, even the most powerful of Archons are running short of time in their day; but my sages have provided a solution:

From this day forth, all Archons shall be able to Boost the speed of studying and Upgrading Scrolls of Wisdom! No longer must you wait patiently for the knowledge to seep into the minds of your men – education is now instantaneous!

There are two ways to boost Scrolls of Wisdom:

1. You can Upgrade instantly with the use of Drachmas.
2. By applying Boost items. Simply go to Market, choose the "Misc." section and find them on the Boost tab. You may also receive Boost items as rewards for completing Quests.

Make good use of this change Archons, and may the gods guide you through battle.

Take note of this message, for it may prove to be of great use to you in your quest to topple your rivals: a new item is now available for purchase from the Market – the Scroll Cypher!

The Scroll Cypher is a special tool that allows you to redistribute Scrolls of Wisdom on the Wisdom Tree.

Even if you have already distributed Scrolls of Wisdom on the Wisdom Tree, the Scroll Cypher allows you to adapt and change your strategy in times of need. Use the Scroll Cypher to redistribute Scrolls of Wisdom on the Wisdom Tree and boost your army in the areas where it needs it the most!

Alter the speed, production time and overall grain consumption of your Units. Improve your efficiency, effectiveness and fend off Xerxes’ evil empire once and for all!

Basileus Leonidas