Interview with Steve Pecenka (Leader of Beer Runners)

Interviewer: My first question to you, (N) is claiming that you were a part of them once and backbite them. What is your reply about this?

Steve: If you want to know the whole story as far as Beer Runners being "allied" with (N) I'll tell you what happened and not take it out of context. When Sparta first started Beer Runners had a very new Hegemon who joined AOZ alliance, because of his Stormfall friends. Danny & his Coalition at the time were a part of AOZ and left to form (N) alliance. We replaced our Hegemon and went solo for a spell before joining up with SWC. Our old Hegemon has been gone for a year, Danny is no longer Hegemon and we never had any type of embassy status nor did they speak to us in that time. As far as the backbite, just because you may have held a Pantheon at one time and lost it does not give them any grounds or claim to it in the future. We didn't take the original Pantheon in question from an (N) coal and an ally wouldn't have started out attacking it and giving deadlines, making threats and spam sieging while trying to scout addition Pantheons we hold.

Interviewer:  What do you think will happen with this war?

Steve: Some will win & some will lose. Our focus is on gaining coalition achievements and making sure our members are knowledgeable about game dynamics while teaching them and implementing new strategies rather than use the same old playbook. The game continues to change and we adapt with it. We have goals and a direction that are only being accelerated due to this conflict. This isn't our first war and won't be our last.

Interviewer: ok. My final question, So you were just allied with them and never a part. Do you think this war will prove which side holds the truth?

Steve: Never allied to them and never a part of (N). The war is only an escalation of someone’s ego. We held off from attacking for a month all while being threatened, given deadlines and multiple scout attempts but this wasn't just happening to Beer Runners. It was also happening to multiple other Coalitions within SWC alliance.

So let's not forget that there are other reasons besides ours why this is happening, why it continues and why they brought it upon themselves. There is no need for them to make up any more stories about what has transpired here. The simple fact is we won't back down to threats and old Stormfall strategies. This is Sparta!

Interviewer: Thank you for your time :)