What is Leadership?

by Richard Arntzen

What IS Leadership, then?

Is it a position of power that gives you the right to command large armies and fuel your personal ambitions?
I think this is a common misinterpretation of what leadership is. I see people inside my own organizations trying to achieve higher ranks and get more power because then they can actually DO something. These are not the people I want to promote!

Ideally you want individuals who have already done something and claimed that trust and power for themselves. The rank just makes it official.

A leader is NOT someone that has people do stuff for them. Leaders are servants of their members.

This is how you recognize leaders in your Coalition, the ones that are active on the page and who help out their brothers and sisters. Real leadership material!

As a leader your job is to create a good environment for members to grow in, to have knowledge of the basics and to be a teacher and problem-solver.
The very word “leader” suggests that this is someone who goes first and as a result gives everyone else someone to follow. Be it in battle, Pantheon-defense, or anything else you want to see done.
Think with your head and don’t let pride and greed get in your way. They are often mistaken for honor and ambition.

Growing a Coalition

You don’t have to be super strict or have any particular specialty in order to be the leader of a Coalition. As a matter of fact it’s better if you are not the big hitter yourself.

I get questions about how to recruit high level members and big hitters. The truth is you don’t. You grow them.

It’s one thing to have a powerful member, but true loyalty to your Coalition can often only come as a result of having been with that Coalition from the beginning. Loyalty is what matters, and it matters more than a large army.
Take the time to let the number of your members increase while always keeping in mind that a strategy game like this is something you are a part of for the long run.
Your members will get “pan-fever” but you need to hold back.
A Pantheon for a small Coalition, with developing members, is a disaster!
Suddenly all their Resources go to defend and upgrade the bloody thing, instead of to their Cities…
And if you lose it…

Wait and be patient. It’s all about the long run, remember?

Keep your cool, Archon!

You are the Hegemon of a Coalition, and you’re a big hitter… You have 50-70 members, many of whom have low levels, and you threaten me with war in your first message because someone raided your worthless siege… 

That is not a good move for your members. 

As a Hegemon of a developing Coalition your main objective is to keep things optimal for development, to choose your battles carefully, and to hone your diplomatic skills.

You might take for granted that simply because you don’t want a war the fact that I have Pantheons means I don’t want one either. Well, that’s certainly not true at all. I was perhaps hoping for some targets for PvP.

Long story short: I call your bluff, and you don’t stand a chance whatsoever. Trust me on this. As a result you are not giving your members the chance to build their Cities and upgrade their Agreements. In fact, you are forcing some of them to leave.

Instead, write a polite letter without getting too emotional. Be clear and direct.
Put all of the important information into that letter, names and coordinates.
State your problem, and ask for assistance with a solution.

This will solve the problem most of the time, and you might even get a new Ally out of it!

This article was written by player Richard Arntzen, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.