Sparta. How the game changed my life.


From across Hellas has come word that the Sparta Facebook Community Page has reached 1,000,000 members!

Messengers have come bearing the words of Archons who tell of how Sparta: War of Empires has changed their lives. Here are a few fragments of those messages for your enjoyment.

"After becoming Ambassador of my coalition I never thought I would have the need to use online translators to help me translate and communicate in the French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages." - Boling Charles

"Hi Archons! Sparta: War of Empires is truly mesmerizing. It’s been almost a year since I became a part of SWOE and I can hardly remember any days without playing it. As far as changing my life is concerned, I’ve gone through a number of transformations:

1. Patience

I used to be quite impatient until SWOE taught me what patience really is by making me wait for the completion of building construction and raids.

2. Balance

In the beginning I obtained offensive troops only, as I thought war meant attacking only. The importance of defensive troops, in other words, I learned through SWOE.

3. Coordination

One cannot survive alone for a considerable length of time. [I learned the necessity] of cooperating with Coalition members during times of both war and peace, via Resources, articles, advice, and support.

4. Persistence

I learned this by standing firm at times of gains and losses.
And these are just a few among many other notable changes.
Long live Sparta War of Empires!" -
Nasir Ghafoor Janjua

"My Sparta family has saved me from loneliness for nearly a year now - I have a family of warriors by my side every day - people of countless different races, religions, and personalities. It doesn't matter - we fight together and support each other " - Kim Thompson

"In my case, due to a type of cancer that I suffer from, Sparta is a way of escape and an elimination of major stress. I can spend 10 hours or more a day playing. This coupled with the good moments that occur in Chats (with my) Coalition, players who I count as friends, sharing experiences about the game and personal experiences as well, make it very rewarding." - Fabio Jose Garbayo Crespo

"Even my beloved girlfriend knows all about wars and conflicts in Sparta (yes, she still listens to me), and all my neighbors are used to the frequent noise, because when I get 50K Raids or I destroy someone’s offense I yell like crazy. That's pretty much that.." - Paweł Konieczny

"Sparta: War of Empires has taught me many things. First off, I’ve learned about loyalty. Second, I’ve learned to stand firm even when I am dragged deeper than the pits of Tartarus. Third, I’ve learned that FAMILY is more important than power. I have been playing for a long time and have been through many obstacles, but my Coalition was there in good and bad times. Many have come and gone but those left have stood their ground. I am very thankful to this game for giving me a virtual family!" - Kristian Dexter Pojas-Tan Zamora-Abal

Archons! Thank you for your loyalty and let these words serve as inspiration to you, that you might raise your shields and defeat your enemies! To Battle!

How did Sparta changed your lives?