Interview with Daniel Nugent (Founding Author Northern Alliance)

Interviewer: Why was it necessary to merge Northern Alliance (N) and GFY Alliance to form Good Night (GN) Alliance? Do you find the enemies grew stronger that (N) cannot handle them?

Daniel: No. The enemies were members from within, not the enemies outside. Beer Runners was an ally of many members in North Alliance and they choose to take pans from ally. The hardest thing about getting larger is It only takes one brutus to make the inside spoil. We had such a member and it weakened the Alliance more than any war with others. We had the same enemies emerging, SWC and to have one body govern all the members.

Interviewer: Not long ago (N) and GFY were enemies. How do you manage to become friends?

Daniel: Even though they were enemies they stood their ground with respect and honor to warriors battle on the field. When the battle is over both can walk with the heads high knowing they fought well. Many negotiations and talks make enemies become friends and then allies.

Interviewer: You are now at war with SWC alliance. What do you think will happen in the end of this war?

Daniel: I am not part of the ones who make the decisions in (GN). I was the founding author of (N) but it has merged into something bigger and better. SWC is not such an effective alliance. They do not help each other unless it suits them.

Interviewer: Ok. My final question of this interview,
It is told by them that you are the reason behind the war with Beer Runners (SWC) and GN. How do you think will be the best way to answer the enemies?

Daniel: I am not a hegemon or a polemarch. I have no vote in council. How can I be behind it? Beer Runners waited till Son of Zues and Spartan Security were merging and attacked a pantheon. They knew it belonged to their ally. They are the snake in the grass and many have already seen that they are the ones that started this. Judson became hegemon and choose to not HONOR the ALLY status he had with (N) Members. If you want to know the truth ask members who left SWC, why they LEFT. Start with Warriors Elite one of the founding members left because their vision was lost. :)

Interviewer: Thank you for the time you spent with me