Zion White – Sparta Master Contribution

A day in the life of a warrior…

My long ride began in search of food and resources for my city. The early morning sun was already blazing and my steer suffered from thirst from the long night’s ride. I stopped along the river to refresh ourselves. Kneeling by the river’s edge I cupped my hands and dipped them into the cool waters.

With a swift move I doused the crisp, cold of it over my head, running my fingers through my hair. My hands once again scooped water and brought it upon my parched, weathered lips. I drank as if it was the wine of the gods. My steer spent from the days ride, drank the waters until he thirst no more.

I dipped my scarf into the river and wrung it out, placing it about my neck. Standing again I looked across the terrain and low and behold, a city, glistening in the background. Spires tall and proud stood majestically against the dry desert sands.

I whistled to my steer, his head lifted upon hearing my call and huffed hot breathe through his nostrils. He came near and I removed his saddle and blanket. Taking the blanket to the river I doused into the water, taking care that it was thoroughly wet. I slung the blanket across his back and he bucked into the air with a shrill of satisfaction. Placing the saddle once again on his back, I strapped the belts around his torso. His head bobbed downwards, as if knowing that we had a new mission to partake.

I slapped my legs to loosen the dust from the days ride and darned my helmet. Affixing my belt tightly, I pulled my gladius from its sheath and ran my thumb across the short edge. Satisfied, I placed it back into its sheath, grabbed the reins tightly pulling as I nudged the sides of my faithful steer. This was signal well known to him, one that spurred him into battle many times. 

The city, gleaming, yet quiet, was now in the near distance. As I grew closer, I noticed the gates open as if they awaited a welcomed visitor. My lips smiled in satisfaction. I leaned forward towards my steer’s neck and forced my boots against his side. His stride now a fast gallop … we entered the city and slashed everything in sight. Grabbing bags of grain from the market, wood and bronze from the nearby smith shop. 

Sounds can now be heard as the villagers awaken in surprise, “we are under attack, hurry grab your weapons and do not let the thief get away.” Shouts were echoing through the walls of the city now. “Closed the gates,” one shouted, “do not let him get away. 

I pulled my gladius from its sheath and wielded it through the crowd of archons in my path. Blood covered the ground as heads were flying through the air towards my city to the gates and out to the hot dry desert once again.

I returned home to my city and threw the bags of loot unto the feet of my house slaves. Entering my private chambers I removed my dusty, blood stained clothing and approached the tub of hot steamy water that had been prepared for me. A tall stemmed glass of wine and towels were carefully placed on a small table within arm’s reach. I settled into the tub and threw my head back against the pillow that had been held by a slave, a sigh of satisfaction echoed the room as my thoughts wandered to more pleasant things washing away the day’s event.

No more than a few hours passed when the general of my armies informs me that our colonies were under siege.

A small statured peasant was brought before me and thrown to the ground. I unsheathe my gladius and point it at the Messenger's throat “Forgive this lowly peasant my Lord, I come with a message from the City you have ravaged. “ I took the scroll from his hand and unfurled it to read the message within.

After many attempts to regain control of our granaries and mines, I sent for a messenger to deliver a strong missive to the Hegemon of insolent fool who dared such actions.

A new day has dawned, and I once again I mounted my steer and headed out into the dust bowl of the outskirts with my mighty armies.

Ater a days ride by wagon, the messenger delivers the scroll, in it a threat was read aloud in the halls by the Hegemon to his Generals.

Meanwhile, approaching the mighty site of the Pantheon, I ready my armies with a shrilling call: “Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time! Give them NOTHING! But take from them EVERYTHING! “


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