How has Sparta changed your life?

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Roger Boum L Ecuyer

I had never been a gamer. When I found Sparta, it was about the same time that my best friend Sandra was fighting cancer. I was taking care of her, and when I had time to myself it put my mind in another world and I was happy.

Unfortunately Sandra passed away, but I keep on playing and have found some very good friends from all over the world, which is nice. Thanks, Sparta War of Empires!

Katerina Maurogennous

My English wasn't all that good to start with, but speaking for almost 3 years with English-speaking friends in Sparta has helped me express myself sufficiently! I laugh a lot, and make plenty of jokes with my Sparta-playing friends. Sometimes it is sad: I cried a lot when I lost a dear teammate who passed away, and I am always worried when my teammates or their family members are sick.

People who I had never met before became my friends and I speak with them more than my friends in real life! In short: Sparta connects people.

Heriberto Perez

Sparta, in my opinion, is a great game that never gets old. Thanks to this game, I feel like I'm in my own virtual world of fun that never ends. It especially helps me to escape the real world and settle in this virtual game, almost like travelling back in time to 430 B.C. There, the Spartans are in Greece, and I feel like I am a Spartan leader, commanding my own Spartan army! The game has taught me many lessons and showed me new things I never knew, like how to be loyal to those who you cooperate with, whether in battle or in real life. Sometimes it’s like an unbreakable bond between friends, which only grows stronger throughout the game and in life.

Speaking of friends, Sparta has given me the chance to meet with a huge number of people who play the game - it is good to have more people in your life! Alone - in the game and in real life - it is hard to succeed: that is why you always need allies to help you, people who are on your side no matter what happens. When I am in a tough situation, I know my friends are there for me, I will never forget that.

Thank you Plarium, for giving us a great game that will always teach us new things that we can apply to our real lives. GO SPARTA!

Marijana Mara Boričić

Two years ago, my husband asked me to play his war game with him, mainly so he could reach level 15 and get a prize. I accepted with a heavy heart.

Day 1: My husband phoned me from work to remind me about game

Day 2: My husband phoned me from work AGAIN to remind me about game

Day 3: I phoned my husband to ask how to complete a task, and he told me to ask his friends. So, I friended a few of them, and when he came home from work there was no dinner on the table. Instead, I was chatting with his Hegemon, Polemarches, and the rest of the jolly gang!

Day 4: My husband phoned me again to ask about dinner. No dinner.

After that point, I was no longer just a game addict: I was a Sparta addict. What’s different now? My family has enlarged: I have sisters and brothers on the other side of globe, and not just my coalition members. I learned a lot: about strategy, about diplomacy, about people, other cultures, different languages. I learned how to be patient and to listen...but there is one thing I haven’t learned so far - how to get the best payouts from Xerxes! But I am still young...


I came across the game a few years ago and started playing, aided by the tutorial. After a few days, I was hooked.  The challenge of growing my city and army was captivating, but the learning curve was steep. It wasn't until I had the good fortune of joining a supportive coalition that I really began to understand the nuances of the game. I was lucky to have several higher-ranking mentors who were willing to take the time to give me advice and answer my questions.

During this time, as I rose through the ranks, I realized that I had an obligation to repay the debt. I began passing on the knowledge I had gained through experience to the new members of my coalition. When I became a Polemarch, I realized that leadership is a great responsibility.

One day I logged on to find that our Hegemon had left due to personal problems and had appointed me to the highest position. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but soon realized that, along with the responsibility, I had been given a great opportunity. I learned new skills, involving diplomacy with other coalitions and the complexities of upgrading and defending a capital. Picking others to share the responsibilities of leadership has been a challenge. Many enjoy playing but lack the time or inclination to contribute.

So my life has been changed by what was, at first, just a game, to another world where I escape for a few hours a day to learn, teach, and lead.

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