What are Relocation Pools and how can I relocate?

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Greetings Archons, this is my ultimate guide on how to use 'Pools of Fidelity' and 'Pools of Fate' properly.

To begin with, Pools of Fidelity relocate your City to a specific spot while Pools of Fate relocate your City to a random location on the map. You can purchase these Pools by going to the Market.  The Pool of Fidelity costs you 4,000 Drachmas and the Pool of Fate costs 1,000 Drachmas. The reason the Pool of Fidelity is 4 times more expensive is thanks to its unique ability to relocate you anywhere on the map you wish! Relocation Pools that can be used to relocate your City look like this:


If you wish to relocate your City to specific coordinates, you can manually insert these coordinates simply by

just going to your Map and then hitting this icon.


How can I use Relocation Pools most efficiently?

When you first create an account and start playing, your City will spawn in a totally random location, no matter whether you received an invitation from a friend to join the game or not. If you are not happy with your location - perhaps you feel stranded in a relatively deserted area away from friends and foes alike, offering you little support and few Cities to raid - then your best option is to:

  • Relocate to a location where there are many Cities - preferably inactive ones that make for easy pickings!
  • Relocate close to your fellow Coalition Members or your allies/friends so you can get help and reduce the galley travelling time.
  • Move your City somewhere you feel safe and can develop without having to constantly keep an eye out for players looking to raid or invade it.
  • If you have plenty of Pools, a very smart move is to relocate your City when you see many incoming raids or sieges coming your way. This way your enemies won’t know where you’ve gone (unless they add you into their contacts or refresh their browser).
  • When you see an incoming raid headed for your City and the raiding player is close to an open Relocation Pool, relocate very close to them and raid their City ASAP. Doing so will cancel that player’s raid attempt on you and cause their Units to return to their City - but not inside their Acropolis. As a result, you can destroy their Units and show that you are not to be outplayed!

This article was written by player Hackerista, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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