Raiding for Resources

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You can acquire Resources by paying for them with Drachmas or from raiding. To begin raiding, locate an enemy's City and click the RAID button. You can select the number of Units you would like to send into the Raid and then click on SEND.

Once your Raid is done, you can claim the spoils of your victory. Keep in mind that the carrying capacity of your surviving Units will determine how much you can bring back to your City. Scan your Battle Report for both your gains and losses. 

Resource Raids are required to advance through the game. You get one Raid every 2.5 hours. Once you reach a total of 10 Resource Raids, you won't get any more until you use at least one. It is possible to Raid a City without using a Resource Raid, but no Resources will be gained if you win.

If a Resource Raid is available to you, you will not be able to send a Raid without using it. This is why it is important to pick and choose who you Raid wisely. In order to view the current number of Raids available to you, visit the War Council (in the “Contacts” tab). You can also do this by going to your Map and positioning your mouse over another player’s City. 

To calculate the Resources you can take from a City after you complete a successful Raid, simply subtract the total number of Resources that are protected by the Level of that City’s Acropolis. Remember that once it has been upgraded to Level 20, the Acropolis protects 18,000 of each Resource.

There are caps on how much you can take, based on the carry capacity of your remaining Units. There is also a 5% tax on the Resources you’ve raided. Specific calculations will reveal how much you get to take home to your City with carry capacity, tax, and the Acropolis share taken into account. If, for example, you have conducted a successful Raid of a City and the Resources available to you there are insignificant - which is to say, less than the current storage capacity of that City’s Acropolis - you will receive a small allocation. These Resources will not come from the enemy and they won't be revealed in Spying Reports either.

How are Raids conducted?

From your Map:
·         Click on Map
·         Hover to the City you wish to Raid
·         Click Raid

Within an enemy City:
·         Visit your preferred Raiding Destination
·         Choose Raid and Get Started

In the War Council:
·         Navigate to the War Council
·         Choose Contacts
·         Select Raid

Frequency of Raiding

Raids can be conducted whenever you like. But it all depends on how many Raid points you have. The maximum number of Raid points you can muster is 10 after 24 hours without Raiding. Raid points replenish at a rate of 1 per 2.5 hours.

Raid Limits

There is a limit of 50,000 Resource points (Timber, Bronze, and Grain) per City that you Raid. This figure is a rotating limit. Your balance can never exceed 50,000 Resources per week.

Who should be raided?

Choice of targets varies from Archon to Archon. To be on the safe side, many Archons Raid farms. These are basically abandoned Cities, offering no defense and high yields per each Raid. But most Archons will safeguard their farms with everything they’ve got. Be wary of encountering angry Archons protecting their farms. 

On your own farm, try to keep it as empty as can be. The emptier it is, the less likely fellow Archons are to Raid it in the near future. Be sure to Invade your Farm with some warriors and keep some Units there afterwards to watch over it. One of the best strategies an Archon can employ is to destroy an opponent’s forces in order to prevent them from raiding for a while!  

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