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by Aaron Janusz

For the vast majority of the City and army developments you want to make in Sparta: War of Empires, you will need Resources – a lot of Resources! There never seems be enough Bronze, Timber, and Grain available to build troops, update Agreements and upgrade buildings quickly enough.

Your City production is one method of generating Resources. It is, of course, beneficial to have a steady stream of Bronze, Timber, and Grain being produced, but it doesn’t come close to what you need to truly grow your City and army. The best way to accumulate all the Resources you need is by raiding.

When you are raiding for Resources, it really comes down to bringing home as many Resources as possible without losing any troops or causing any problems. Some players call this “farming”, and the target Cities could be considered “farms”.

There are a lot of targets available for raiding and it can take a little work to find ideal targets. Good farms are valuable and it is highly recommended to develop and maintain a list of regular raiding targets and track your raiding activity, either by utilizing the in-game Contact List, or developing your own method with a spreadsheet or pencil and paper.

Raiding Mechanics

 It is important to understand the rules and mechanics of raiding before you start developing your contact list. Let’s look at some of the parameters you need to work with.

1)    While the number of Raids you can send is not limited, there is a daily limit to the amount of times you can seize Resources from an enemy City. You can only send 10 Resource Raids per 24-hour period. Once you send a Resource Raid, a new Resource Raid will become available in 2 hours, 30 minutes. Once you are out of Resource Raids, you are still free raid as much as you want to take out rival Archons’ warriors, but those Raids will not yield any Resources.

 2)    The maximum you can bring back in one Raid is a total of 50,000 Resources. This is the sum of all the Bronze, Timber, and Grain you bring back.

3)    The maximum you can raid from a single City is 50,000 (net[1]) in one week. The clock starts ticking after your first Raid. If you bring back 50,000 in that first Raid, you will not be allowed to raid any more Resources from that City until the same time next week. If you brought back 25,000, you would be able to raid another 25,000 throughout the week (assuming the other player has not retaliated and raided you back). The reset occurs 1 week from the initial Raid.

4)      The amount available for raiding is the amount of Resources in the City minus the amount of Resources that the City is able to store in their Acropolis. There is also a small tax (5%) that will be deducted from that amount. So if there are 20,000 of each Resource in a City and their Acropolis can hold 4,000, you would be able to raid (20,000 – 4,000)*95% = 15,200 of each, for a total of 45,600 Resources.


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