Game Tips for players, not coiners

There are many players who do not take advantage of in-game offers (i.e. buy Drachmas). I have been playing in this fashion for the last few months, and I can assure you that I am not weaker than a good deal of those players who are spending many Drachmas. Sparta: War of Empires is a strategy game that requires planning. You do not need a credit card with no set spending limit in order to be successful here. All you need is patience.

In what follows, I will share my strategy with you. It has helped me become successful. Perhaps it will help you too.

Offensive Units

First of all, I am an Offensive player, so I mostly build Offensive Units. I like to build Light and Heavy Infantry most of all. My Units of choice are Swordsmen and Myrmidons. Swordsmen are awesome but you need to reach Level 20 of the Rhodes Agreement in order for them to inflict serious damage on your opponent. They are cheap to build so you will not suffer much when you lose them in a PvP battle.

A Swordsman takes 5 minutes to build. My recommendation for you is to reduce their build time in the Academy. After the full Academy upgrade, their build time is reduced to 4 minutes 24 seconds.

Myrmidons are great! They are a fast and cheap Heavy Infantry Unit. Just like with the Swordsmen, I would suggest upgrading the Myrmidon to Level 20 and to reduce their build time in the Academy. When you finish upgrading, their build time will be reduced to 26 minutes, 23 seconds.

I like to build those Units and convert them to Phalanx ones during Global PVP Tournaments. I do so by collecting PvP points. I am not a pro-Persian Positions player so I try to avoid them. Hence, my suggestion is to build as many of these two Unit types as you can. They are worth every Resource you spend on them.

PvP points

With their build time being rather short, you can make enough to reach 7,500 – 10,000 PvP points in each Tournament. That is my goal every time I participate in a Tournament. The Rewards are awesome! You get 120 Promachoi/240 Thureophoroi by accumulating 7,500 PvP points, and 150 Spartan Promachoi/300 Thureophoroi by accumulating 10,000 points. Additionally, you get 480 Drachmas.

My favorite Tournament is PvP with doubled Rewards. At 10,000 points, you can receive up to 300 Spartan Promachoi/600 Thureophoroi. And the Drachma Reward is doubled to 960.

As a non-coiner, I invest those Drachmas into buying Champion Units. You can also spend it on Fortifications or Upgrade Sketches to improve your City Resource production, Galley capacity, etc.

I have talked about my Offensive strategy because I am an Offensive player. You can do the same with your Defense (I did this a long time ago, and it worked well). Patience is key.

Other options for earning free Drachmas

There are two more options for earning free Drachmas:

SPARTAN ALLEGIANCE. You need to log into the game daily to earn these Rewards. Drachmas come every 30 days.

WEEKLY RANKINGS. You participate in a few categories.

The top 3 players earn plenty of useful Drachmas:
1st place receives 5,000 Drachmas
2nd place receives 4,000 Drachmas
3rd place receives 3,000 Drachmas

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize how this strategy has helped me to grow as a player. Today I am able to fight paying players without being at a significant disadvantage. I hope my advice will make you equally successful!

Happy hunting, Archons! 

This article was written by player Небојша Планојевић, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.