Persian Positions in the new system: Smart banking

by Jon Stearns

Changing Strategy

In the era of the new “mini” rewards for each Persian Position successfully defeated, there have been numerous questions asked and frustrations expressed on how to get that BIG payout.

Several people have even theorized that the game has done away with big rewards altogether. The old system, however, is still in place, and there is still a way to achieve a BIG payout. Players just have to change their strategy from what they used to do in the past in order to adapt to this new system. 

The key to the strategy I am going to share with you is to take the new “mini” rewards out of the equation. The way to do that is to weaken or “1 bar” each position on your Oracle: scout each Position by sending one Javelin to defensive Positions or 10 Phalanx to higher-level offensive Positions; send the right troops to attack and defend these Positions in small waves to weaken them down to one bar.

That way you minimize your losses and maximize Xerxes’s losses, weakening all of the Positions until there is only bar left on the indicator for enemy forces remaining. Important: do not destroy or defeat any of the Positions in your Oracle. This way, 100% of your losses stay in your bank. They build up much faster and you don’t have to factor in or account for any small rewards on the way.

BIG Payout!

Next, when you have all of your non-quest Positions down to one bar, turn your attention to your “quest” Positions, or the highest ones available to you. Weaken those Positions down to one bar as well to maximize the buildup in your bank. Now, you are ready to collect the BIG payout that you are seeking. Pick either an offensive or a defensive Position at the highest non-quest level, and take it down. There should now be a huge reward for your efforts.

You may be wondering what to do with all of the one-bar Positions you have now have on my board. The answer is wait until the Position Takeover Tournament starts and take over the remaining one-bar Positions, starting from the other highest-level non-quest position and working your way down from highest to lowest. This way, you will get maximum points in the Tournament.

Win/Win Situation

In doing this, you should receive another major payout from a few Positions that are lower-level than your highest non-quest Position due to the bank you have built up. You will be paid two more times: once from the Tournament prizes in troops and boosts, and then again from the mini rewards you will earn from conquering each one-bar Position you left with a minimum amount of troops. It is a win/win situation, three times over! 

You can tweak this strategy to maximize your conversion of light and heavy troops and convert them to Phalanx and Cavalry through your rewards in the Persian Positions. I have helped several players achieve this result and it does work. 

About the author: 

Many people know me from the forum pages. My name is Jon Stearns and I have the rank of Commandant in the 300 HRVATA Coalition on Server 1. I am available to help any player with questions on how to maximize their banking so they can get the maximum reward.

This article was written by Jon Stearns, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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