Understanding Persian Positions

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The strategic importance of Persian Positions cannot be underestimated. These are important Positions that have been held by the powerful forces of the Persians under Xerxes. These Positions have either been held by the Persian military, or they are under threat of imminent attack by the rampaging Persian forces. 

There are multiple Persian Positions scattered around your City. It is entirely possible for you to go on the rampage against them. Once you successfully take these Positions, you will enjoy the following benefits:
·         Quest Items will be earned for Global Quests
·         You will be able to liberate Units that are currently above your Agreement Level

What You Need to Know about Persian Positions

There is a caveat when you attempt to conquer Persian Positions: Some of them may bring you nothing but destruction with high casualty rates, but you also stand to benefit from valuable Experience Points. As a combatant, you are advised to carefully ascertain what your goals are, and what your strength is before you engage in battle at Persian Positions. It is imperative that you are not wasteful and that you maintain your Units at all times.

It should be remembered that there are Quests that will not offer rewards, despite your having successfully completed them. However the Persian Positions that you take care of – and those that offer no rewards – will be counted in your eventual payout in SWOE. Recall that every time a payout is skipped, your likelihood of receiving a bonus the next time around increases greatly. This means it pays to keep on playing!

There are varying Levels of Persian Positions. This is important as it is a barometer of the strength of both the enemy combatants and the size of the enemy force. While you're attempting to destroy hostile Units, you are welcome to lead the attack against the same Persian Position multiple times. This may well be necessary in order to destroy all hostile Units in the vicinity.

The Importance of the Oracle

If you navigate the Positions Tab, you will be able to view all of the Persian Positions. This can be seen directly from your Oracle. The Oracle also provides further info about multiple other components in the game, for example the current strength and Level of the Persian Positions that have been identified, and the myriad new Persian Positions that are springing up around your City.

Once the Oracle has been upgraded, it will not make an impact on the number of detected Positions. It will, however, allow you to detect additional Colonies on the SWOE map. You can easily send military Units to a Persian Position by using the Persian Positions tab on the Oracle interface. It is also possible to use the Game Map to interact with Persian Positions.

What are the Strength Indicators of Persian Positions?

There are 2 strengths to each Persian Position. The first is the Current Strength and the second is the Level. The latter will show you what size force the occupying Position has. And the Current Strength indicator reflects the approximate number of enemy Units that you will encounter at that Persian Position. If you look at the Oracle interface, you will be able to find both of these indicators available, and they will also be reflected on the Game Map.

How to Understand the Mechanics of Persian Position Theory

The best method to advance through SWOE is by way of experience. It should be remembered that the reward systems and the battle mechanics of every Persian Position cannot be ascertained with absolute certainty. However, Archons have put in plenty of effort to evaluate as much as possible about these concepts.  

There are several places where you can go to discover more information about what fellow Archons have unearthed: These include the Battle Calculation Theorycrafting pages, and Persian Positions Theorycrafting.

How important are Battle Reports?

In the near future, Plarium will be compiling authentic, verified Battle Reports to add to this website. However, we urge you to be cautious as the rewards that are generated will likely be the result of several Persian Position battles.

In much the same way, calculations are not known with absolute certainty. It may be that Units sent to one site by an Archon should similarly be sent to another site. However, we urge you to remember that the random elements within these calculations may require fewer or greater Unit numbers than what is initially shown on these pages.

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