The Fight for Survival Continues On

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The Shield of Batiatus continues to be besieged on all sides. Losing their pantheons and retaking them, they fight in a back and forth battle. Will they be able to survive, will the conviction of their members be enough to win the day?

The Shield of Batiatus Rallies Its Forces and Defends Its Lands

The Shield of Batiatus was persecuted, attacked and targeted by a collection of coalitions, all with the desire to see them fall and their seats of power crumble.

Although initially successful in this onslaught, in the end it was the Shield who persevered and was able to retake and regain their foothold in their coveted lands.

Yet, as we speculated at that point, this would not be the end of this story. Sadly, for the Shield of Batiatus, they have become a continuous target due to their relation with the top ranked coalition in the realm, the House of Batiatus.

This has made the SoB a target for those not wishing to target their parent coalition, but still wishing to inflict damage in anyway possible.

For this very reason, their pantheons, in which we talked about in a previous story, have continued to be relentlessly assaulted. This time however the Shield was not quite so unprepared and have rallied their forces to defend their homelands.

As can be witnessed below, page after page of reports continues to flood into the Chronicle, highlighting the sheer number of attacks that this coalition faced.

SoB Continued Assault 2

SoB Continued Assault

SoB Hit hard

But unlike previously, the enemies of this noble coalition have not been able to punch through. The collective might of its members has created a stout wall of shields, swords and spears, that their enemies are finding hard to penetrate.

As seen from their coalition pantheon roster, the Shield of Batiatus has not lost a single pantheon in these attacks, proving that despite being a sub-league, they are a formidable force in their own right and will continue to stand up to all those who would attempt to do them harm. 

The fight continues, as it always has and as it always will until the end of times. 

SoB Pans

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