Challengers Flex Their Muscles

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Coalitions rise and they fall. The current power block this realm is under is being brought into question from those rising in the ranks. Will the power of the map shift once again, or will those who dominate now, continue to do so?

Top Coalitions Strength is Questioned

A story we at the Chronicle have seen come up time and time again is one that involves the most powerful, the most fearsome, the most successful coalitions this realm has ever seen.

It involves the top ranking coalitions and those who would attempt to discredit them as being nothing but "paper tigers." What these naysayers believe is simple. They believe that the top ranking coalitions are simply there, because they have always been there.

These naysayers do not discredit the fact that they are powerful in their own right, but what they do bring into question is JUST how powerful these top ranking coalitions actually are. They believe that the "illusion" of power is the greatest weapon the leadership of these coalitions possess and all that it would take is a combined assault to bring the current system and power structure to its knees.

Perhaps there is some truth in this, given the fall of the Death Inc and others recently. As we have written about extensively here at the Chronicle over the past few months, many power teams have been toppled and the map has been largely reshaped as a result of this.

Members of these top-ranking coalitions would argue against this case and point to the fact that many of the long lasting blocks of power have been and are still in place. This is a fact that cannot be argued.

This argument, as of late, has spilled over into the public forums, where great lords have brought forth their cases for all to witness and add to.

Top Coals Questioned

 The above statement quickly brought out those who are being accused as being a "paper tigers" and they rapidly began to defend themselves, encouraging the challengers to essentially "step up, or shut up".

Top Coalitions Defend Themselves

Sparta Coalitions Defend Themselves

As expected, this rapidly descended into a back and forth argument, with various members taking sides, depending on where their current interest rests.

Top Coalitions are Questioned

Sparta top Coalitions

As of today, this argument continues to rage on, yet has remained as only that. An argument of words. Whether or not this will lead to those questioning the current power structure to take action is yet to be seen. 

As always in this tumultuous realm, bloodshed is never far away and it will coalitions are constantly being tested. If leagues believe that the top ranking coalitions are so weak, then we expect they will soon strike out and take action, smelling the blood in the water.

Fortunately, for the sanctity and peace of the realm, we believe those who dominate the top rankings are much stronger than these coalitions think and will fight tooth and nail to keep their current status in place and thus, the stability of the realm. We shall see, as only time will truly tell.

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