Coalitions Seek to Swell Their Ranks

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Great and small coalitions alike must compete and contend for talent. Some seek skilled warriors out, some post messages of recruitment for all to hear, all hope for growth and prosperity in a realm racked by war.

Growth on the Horizon

So often, we at the Chronicle are forced to cover death, destruction and chaos, for these are the things that dominate much of our lives in this realm. The land is constantly at war and the ever-flowing tide of despair is what dominates many of our thoughts.

Yet not all stories are about hardship. As we have pointed out before, sometimes, great budding friendships are formed, sometimes magnificent prosperity can be found, and sometimes a growing family is highlighted as a sign of the good times yet to come.

This edition of the Chronicle is about the latter. Many coalitions, due to the constant fighting that this realm faces, are forced to be constantly replacing their troops, as heroes fall in battle, or simply retire from fighting.

This is a fact that all coalitions must face and is exactly why we often see many taking to the public forums, in an effort to swell their ranks with fresh blood, or seasoned veterans that wish to find a new challenge, or a simply a new home.

A few coalitions have done just this and taken to the streets, yelling out their message of recruitment for all to hear.


Sparta Assasins


Bellators Sparta

Atlas Cronos

Sparta Atlas Cronos

​As seen from the images above, the Assassins, Bellators and Atlas Cronos are just a few of the coalitions who are actively seeking out and finding new members to join their cause.

Although many of these collectives are just starting out and are slowly growing their numbers, others are finding great success as their messages resonate with like-minded individuals.

It gives us great faith and hope to see that amidst all this bloody destruction, there can still be those seeking and aspiring to grow within our lands. We at the Chronicle wish them luck and hope for a bright future, as should we all.

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