Starting out as a new player in Sparta: War of Empires

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By Christopher Laing

Greetings fellow Archons! As we all know, starting out as a new player can be a daunting experience. To help with those tentative early steps into the Empire of Hellas, I have made a short guide containing some helpful tips for success in Sparta: War of Empires.

Get the Basics Right

The first advice I would give is to follow the Tutorial and game tips closely when starting the game. This will help you get your City up and running and teach you how to do the basics of the game in the right way. Upon beginning the game, you have 3 days of protection from Raids by other players, or as much time as it takes you to reach Level 30, which will give you time to start building up your army and improve Resource production.

During the Tutorial, you will be asked to build 6 Farms, 5 Forges, and 5 Lumberyards, as well as 3 Granaries and 3 Warehouses. Build these as soon as you can, making sure to upgrade them as often as you are able to.

Resources will be scarce at first (especially if you decide against completing the Tutorial and raiding other Cities) but apart from when the tutorial asks you to raid a City, I would advise strongly against doing so at first. If you raid an active player, even while your protection is active, they will be able to raid you back. This will most likely destroy many of the Units you have worked hard to train.

Build an Army

Training Units is a must! Make sure you have sufficient numbers of Offensive and Defensive Units, but always remember to keep upgrading your Farms: you will need to do this regularly, otherwise you will end up with more Units than your Farms can supply food for. There are four classes of Units that can be trained (Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Phalanx Units and Cavalry) although most of these will be locked at the beginning of the game.

You will be rewarded with some of the more advanced Units that you cannot yet train by successfully completing Tutorial Quests. These bonus Units are invaluable when it comes to strengthening your army, and will help you when the time comes to raid other players and attack Persian Positions. However, you need to consider that the more powerful a Unit is, the more Grain it will use. Personally, I like to train a few more Offensive than Defensive Units; this is a war game after all!

As you progress through the game, you will begin to raid other Cities more often than you need to defend your own. Regardless of this, you should get into the habit of putting your Units away in the Acropolis after each Raid, as well as before you log off at night. Once your Novice Protection has been lifted, any Offensive Units left outside will probably be killed in the case of a Raid, and there is nothing more disheartening than having to start again from scratch. Even high Level players sometimes make that mistake – I know have done myself!

Sign Agreements

When it comes to Units, both quantity and quality are important. A good way to improve the power of your army is to sign and upgrade Agreements, and for this you will need Articles.
You will receive a new Article of Agreement every day.  However, they do not always arrive in the order you need them to, and you may also get duplicates. These are not as useless as they may seem: you can trade these with other players for ones you actually need! It is good etiquette, as well as good planning, to help newer players with Articles when they are starting out – you never know when you could use a favor!

There are also Agreements for which you will have to buy Articles with Glory Points. These Agreements will not appear until much later, but it would be wise to keep your Glory Points for this purpose until then.

Some agreements will help you develop your City. For example, Stymphalos 1 to 5 will enable you to build Walls and Towers, boosting your City Defense Bonus. Meanwhile, the Agreements Samos and Alexandria will improve your Galley Capacity and Speed, which will help greatly when trading Resources or Articles with other players.

Additionally, you should try to focus on the Agreements Eleusis, Hephaestia, and Orchomenus: these unlock the Temple of Demeter, which lowers Grain consumption so you can train more Units; the Temple of Pan, which speeds up Timber production; and the Temple of Hephaestus, which boosts Bronze production.

Once you have unlocked these and upgraded these Temples, Resources will be produced faster and Unit training will be a lot easier, meaning that your army will quickly become much more powerful.

Raid Other Cities

Now you have got used to the basics of City life and have trained some Units, it is time to unleash your army and raid other Cities! My best advice is to always scout the chosen City first: you should never raid blind when you are at a low Level anyway, but it is always better to know what dangers lurk behind your enemy’s City walls. If, after your Scouts have successfully scouted the City you want to raid, you find that the target is an inactive City, or it is a City with no Units in it, then you are almost certainly free to raid without loss.

If you receive your Scout Report and find that there are Defensive Units stationed in the City, you will have to look at whether the resources that you will gain are worth the probable loss of your Units. Pay particular attention to the amount of Defensive Units that are there, especially if there are higher Level Units present, but also if there are too many Infantrymen. If this is the case, you have a good chance of losing the Offensive Units you send to the Raid. This will stop you from raiding until you can rebuild them, which at low Levels can take some time.

Getting the most out of the Emporia 

Raiding and holding Emporia will help you gather Resources for your City, providing you send enough Units to make it worthwhile. Emporia are level based, which means that higher Level players will see different sites than beginners. The benefit of this is that the more powerful Archons cannot capture Emporia from you and kill all of your Defensive Units: all you have to worry about is players of your own Level. There are 5 different types of Emporia, each of which yields a single, valuable Resource: Bronze, Timber, Grain, Denarii, or Drachma.

Drachma Emporia are fiercely fought over. Every Archon wants one, and if you are lucky enough to capture one and hold onto it, you can spend your hard-earned Rewards on even better Units, or alternatively on improvements for your City.

At the Market, Champion Units will increase your Offensive and Defensive power, while Walls, Towers, and other items of Décor will increase your City Defense Bonus.

Finding an joining a coalition

Joining a Coalition is a must, and the decision of which one to join is an important one for any promising young Archon. My advice would be to look for a suitable Coalition at your Embassy, and to take your time in choosing. Once you have made a shortlist of potential Coalitions, be sure read their Coalition description thoroughly, then send their Hegemon a message explaining that you are a new player and would like to join the Coalition. Most Hegemons will talk you through their Coalition values and what would be expected of you as a Member. If they do not, you should consider the possibility that the Coalition may not be for you.

Once you have chosen your Coalition, the fun can finally begin! If you are in a good Coalition, their members will help you grow and advise you on battle strategy, as well as helping you defend your City while you improve its Buildings and grow your army. They can also help you gather Resources and Articles, which will assist you in training and unlocking higher Level Units. Most importantly, they will pass on their wisdom and reveal useful tips about the game. Chatting with other members makes the boring times, when you are upgrading Buildings or waiting on Units to come home, pass a lot quicker.  

God speed, and good fortune to you, fellow Archon!  

This article was written by player Christopher Laing, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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