The War of Alliances Escalates

Coming to the aid of their allies, the Band of Killerz and the Kracken now find themselves at direct odds. These two mighty coalitions join battle and total war has the potential of erupting. Can this disaster be averted?

The War of Alliances Escalates

The war of the alliances continues on! The Band of Killerz has entered the fray and are now at direct odds with the mighty coalition, the Kracken, who just recently came to the aid of their allies.

This show of force between both sides has erupted into bloodshed and has brought the battle to the very doorsteps of the Krackens seats of power, their Pantheons.

Sending out a quick message, Lady Trish alerted her members of the threat and informed the Band of Killerz that these actions would not be tolerated.

BoK Attacks Kracken

This message, initiated by Lady Trish opened up the talks between these two sides, yet the attacks continued on, as a conclusion was not yet reached between the parties.

BoK attacks Kracen Pan 121

BoK attacks Kracen Pan 121 2

BoK attacks Kracen Pan 121 3

BoK attacks Kracen Pan 121 4

BoK Attacks Kracken Pan 121

The assaults shown above were but a small sample, but it can be seen that the Band of Killerz were out for blood and justice for their allies. Their goal was destruction, yet the Kracken were no simple foe. Banding together, they repelled the attackers again and again, all while negotiations continued on behind the scenes.

Kracken Plan Attack BoK

Rallying their forces, the Kracken shored up their defenses and planned their own attacks against the Band of Killers. Their allies also vowed to protect their friends and come to their aid. This had the potential to spill over into a potential full-blown, multi-coalition war, unless a resolution could be reached quickly.

American Outlaws Vow to Assist Kracken

The aid of the American Outlaws would not be required, however. The leadership of both the Kracken and the Band of Killerz had clearly reached a resolution and orders were sent out to their members, a ceasefire was in order.

BoK Attacks Kracken 2

Ceasefire BoK Kracken

With this, a ceasefire was agreed upon. This is not to say that the fighting will not commence once again, for the potential is always there: One wrong move, by one wrong member, could send this dangerous situation once again spiralling out of control. But for now there is peace. Let us hope it lasts.

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